2 SkyWay Bridges

hear it – me
sing it now
hwy 49 – sugar wine border fields
sky way no.2 – cement reminding me of steel

Lake Ontario

hear it – sky blue water sounds
hum it – humming low
following summer with no Canadian apologies

limestone cutting through

hear it – ‘i’m coming home sounds’
cutting across the farmscape now
counting King and Queen yellow dash lines – found
which side wants me – rural or city following the water locks down

Steel City or Shannonville side-road-bound


Don’t Explain It With A Title (Just keep on – Keeping on)

don’t explain it all away
leave a little for yourself
the mystery is spent learning about that one thing


i hold the number ‘one‘ up
carry it between you and me
this traveling love which we share
moments in a living room
caught under the laughing umbrella tree

don’t post it all in pics
the world doesn’t need to know
a secret to a long life is sometimes heavy and too short


i hold my hand up ‘stop
please baby please don’t stop
i won’t ever be done loving you
loving this life
and the here after waiting within


outwardly i ‘pause
look around for just a bit
silent in a prayer

and explain

‘what you give away is love
what you give away is forever trust –
give life out as a gift
so when you leave they can say’…


it’s better to be invested
interested in the meaning of the word
that way the moment is never lost

better to be interested than to be found so interesting

don’t explain it all away
rock on in the giving of your self
exploring everyday

keep a few mementos for you and me

but don’t explain it all away….


you are near
a different province
ignoring the same moon
i’m possessed by my own thoughts

‘if you were here’

we have no fear
God tells me its O.K
an angry science-man rolls their eyes
but then God Says

‘she’s going to be O.K’

and in this silence
we are here
and this trust pulls us back together
while i wait for you to call
where i can say

‘i love you – hello’


it’s misconception – sleight of hand driving
May long weekend
a Trudeau elbow missed
i want the radio man to apologize
i didn’t hear about this traffic
bring in Ruth Ellen to give the play-by-play
make more out of this traffic jam than what’s really here
in the middle i’ll find my vehicle
playing the iPod and looking over at you
waving saying

‘turn it up’

in the middle of it all
let’s catch up on the hockey scores
summer time Stanley and World Cup – who cares
listen to the blue jays – or listen to Sirius
tell me i have 8 and half innings left til home

baby we were smart this year

we stayed home
cleaned house and left the foreplay
and drama behind
we turned off the radio and we
put on the bug spray –
the dog laid in his pool and the corona was cold….

If You Want It

fire eats

you can hear it snapping bones in darkness
that slow dinner sound in the night – releasing heat

fire uncovers the soul

with a glove hand you can rub off the ash and find what’s left of yourself

fire heals

it dances with the stars and settles the night
keeping all wolves at bay

fire devours
levels the playing field and
gives you a second chance….if you allow it

if you work with it – wisely

MAY 2 – 4

there’s a belt buckle on my mind
how it makes my hipless front appear cool
strutting fashion at the cottage
(tilt body) slap bugs
watch the cuff line
ensure the shirt is short sleeve
Hawaiian and
stopping at the belt buckle
check out mirror
– this is diminished capacity
the 40 year old waist line…..

……and you are not forty

play the record player
leave the cottage for New York
searching for better fashion accessories
but fuck new york
it’s too hot for anything but corona
a lawn chair
sounds of children’s laughter
dog dancing in the water
chasing tennis ball

– toss him the belt buckle

he or the fish can chase the
shiny metal……

Leaving Toronto for Toronto

we’ll listen to the 501 Queen
travel the street car
a lit diner with only you and me
passing by cars
and open window shops
closed for the evening

we’ll find summer star light
summer mornings
-weather that matches our involvement

This Toronto feeling in our bones
heading back north before winter
while family catch their throats on phones

we’ll sit together
-the 501 Queen on the radio
metal rails in the asphalt
dining car loneliness on wheels
-everything else closed
for the evening


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