specimen imperfection

the model in me
is a warrior
is a dancer
human anatomy
flexing tissue
battles demons
has a shield
and a sword

the dancer in me
is a model
a pirouette
take your chance
i have no fear
there is no shame

the warrior in me
is a model
a model citizen
sun bathing
scar tissue tan
sword by the plastic lounger
shield in the pool
it doesn’t float

the human in me
is David
is a lover
a natural fighter

the model in me
is a warrior
no where to go
nothing to hide
nothing to share
except my movement
my fighting stance

i am a dancer
the squared circle
the music plays
the crowd will stand
bowties and corsets

applaud my movment
applaud the orchestra
the young conductor
the old man painter
the life class teacher

the model in me
is a warrior
a tuxedo dancer
a greek god sleeping….


or maybe Janis was just being Joplin

Janis Joplin stares at you
with nipples stabbing through beads over
her naked body.
those eyes stab equally almost asking
‘which would you rather – my voice or the male norm?’
after the shoot – after the bottle
the voice cracks from too much of a good thing
or too much need – losing sadness
and when you hear that voice
see that freedom with a deeper question
you understand
‘Me and Bobby Mcgee’
wondering what was lost…..

Janis Joplin stares at you: a photo by famous photographer Bob Seidemann the portrait was taken in 1969 although not published until 1972.

Me and Bobby McGee: A song written and performed by Kris Kristofferson. It was also sung by Janis Joplin and released by Columbia records

Another ice storm taps on the windows

The bright maple sun of the electric seagull
how she curves in a smoothness
shapes all her own sound – unique
her top body slopes around and upwards
a perfect plum breast – handful
and skis underneath to the same style bottom – curve
fitting into palm of hand as real as any woman
capable of sliding away if not held properly – loved
she is a Canadian Hawaiian dancing in grass
singing to Uncle Jerry who here is – Gordie
and while not built for or from an island
hears the Quebec tones of individuality – togetherness.
in the winter time
while snow and ice beat against a Northern window – darkness
she will strum and warm this musical house
-musically home.

*Bright maple sun of the electric seagull:1982 Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitars in the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. Today the Seagull company makes electric ukes with solid maple body with a solid spruce top

*Singing to Uncle Jerry: Norman Keith Collins was a prominent American tattoo artist, famous for his tattooing of sailors; he was also known as “Sailor Jerry”. One of his most famous tattoos that of the dancing Hawaiian girl with a uke is used on the label of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum.

*Singing to….who here is – Gord: Satired on such Canadian Shows as SCTV or elsewhere on CBC – Gord in Canadian lore is considered one of the most Canadian names – even though it is not.

the bull and the model

There’s a bull 15 yards behind you

o ya?

that’s ironic – yards for fields
standing here infront of one

and she continues to pose.
the bull continues to eat
the tractor path they’re both on just meanders

o ya?

travels beyond the bull
into the deep treeline
travels forward past the model
towards another field blocked by a gated fencline
30 yards north

o ya?

a gated community of safe cows….
she grins at herself
and to the camera…..
no one around says or reacts

the students not using shutters
continue to use their easels

some locked on her
some on the scenery
some on the bull

some on nothing….
and the bull snorts
wanders away out few feet out of picture…..

It’s not honest unless it’s sung by Louis

apples have a certain crunch to them
as i’m sure do yours
a perfect stem with perhaps a tiny green leaf

a butterfly has been known to land in summer
and just sun its wings
then move on

apples don’t need to be large
and small butterflies shouldn’t be mistaken for moths
both come out in morning and both are known to pop out at night
always in search of sunlight

as that folk song sings:
that lucky old sun
just rolls around heaven all day.

* That lucky old sun: a 1949 popular song. The biggest hit version of the song was by Frankie Laine. It was also recorded by Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra as well as Louis Armstrong and others.

excuses at the duck pond

let’s go swimming!
she says

well i don’t know really
i don’t have a bathing suit
and neither do…

but she’s already changing out in the sun
knees up to chest in hasty summer removal
ass rocking on old wooden dock boards
pulling down socks around ankles
and then


no more bra…..

and neither do you…..
what the hell do you expect me to do?

the sun as beautiful
lake pond calm (me not so much)
a smile almost better than the nothing else on
and the


and neither do I…
just busted up jeans
and ratty tee
…i’ve got a farmers tan
i’ll look weird….
or the water might be….

but theres that smile
SILLY…..eyes saying
just jump in
as she tucks and rolls under
a shimmering smooth water slide popping round
before the legs kick down to a deeper dive…..

but neither….and….
and you….
and… and…..and…..


When i sat down at the easel and tried to play the uke

it’s not when i sit down to play the piano
or argue with the microphone man.
neither can be done well when it’s already been perfected by a genius

it’s more sitting down at the easel
with a cigar and trying to paint the goldfish pool
thinking of this british bulldog needing to get away from the carriage and the streets.

it’s sitting down – laying in the ocean
and asking if i’m alone in this world
then hearing the sounds of mother isle
knowing it’s just a way to say hello to myself

it’s not about the production
or the perfection
nor the stage or the performance


it’s about the painting within myself
the chords wanting to speak
sloppily but true

and knowing

there is something more out there
or within me
that wants that peace of mind
to stay…..

* When I sat down to play the piano: famous poem by Canadian poet Al Purdy
* The Microphone man: famous rant and act performed by Canadian musician Gord
* The goldfish pool: The goldfish pool at Chartwell is a painting by British
Prime Minister Winston(Bulldog) Churchill who after each blitzkrieg would take
to the London streets in horse and carriage to rally his countrymen.
* Alone in this world: title of album by famous Hawaiian uke musician Brother IZ