dear MY dear

put the camouflage up to your ears
by the temples
become the quiet foot steps of a yearling
branches without leaves stepping around the corner
as you smell apples on the ground.

i will follow up from a distance
king of a tower hoarding his grain
fearing nothing until death.

in the same moment – we can understand death together

in proverb – your fear before the moment of peace
my moment of peace before an eternity of fear.



true fear is in not believing
and becoming nothing after the lights
never knowing


the rest of world moves on and celebrates.

because of you
i am changing my ways
and i am stripping myself of old persistence –
putting the branches up to my mind and becoming
what you see

after the apples are discovered.


cloak of death hangs on the coat rack in the corner

‘DID YOU GET HIM?’ she said.

taking up the entire couch
stomach down and smoking a long stem – cigarette.


she doesn’t move – doesn’t take another drag
just under the darkness of a single light.


she is cut off – she pauses and takes a pull
stays laying on the couch – legs crossed and straight.


and in that moment you know your own death
as she stares into the darkness from the head of a couch….

her bare skin entirely perfect as it should be – before she looks around
and you are no more…..

heaven is a better place today

when the day comes
– this modern spirit –
i have a selfish prayer going forth….

i pray all the poems left in you will sprinkle down on

‘we are all richer for having seen you’……

maybe if that happens –
we will see things as you saw them
a Purdy’esqe frontman calling out

‘say the names’

and we will know what that phrase should mean…

each of us our own person
united as a group with our own role to play

when that day comes-
it’s going to sting
and i’ll know exactly where

– the hornet stung me –

a chorus moving
not over land
but through every working
and poet man’s

and the east wind will whisper



as carefree as common man
flinging a bone up into the air
yelling ‘Adam come get me!’
the dance of nakedness
as a group of dogs jump with –
racing for the toy in the valley of

in union with a woman
carrying a champagne bottle
saying’ look what i stole from Pérignon!’

Lets you and i be the last weekend of Summer
behind the hidden gates of a garden
no one watching or concerned
– listen to the dogs beyond the campfire
chasing rabbits down the fox hole.

we’ll avoid the trials of Winter
leave hwy 11 to claim lives not ours
-by Spring
it will all be out of our system

and the dogs will sleep by our feet.

*Common man –  after viewing a painting entitled ‘Salon Dogs’ by Susannah Martin

Knowing there is more than you…

love is a partnership after
a person has fulfilled your wants
after the physical relationship has been served on a dish –
and maturity is becoming more than an obligation.

love is a decision on whether you will continue to be –
while striving to become one.

love is not under the stars
or a piece of paper making your union – law.
love is more than a religious ceremony –
candles and translated words.

love is a commitment to one another
to the possible future of others
it is the promise to share heaven
while taking on earths tribulations.

love is not forced scenery
or choreographed toasts under a circus tent.

instead love is a blessing
a recognition that life starts
from the fruits of labour and
and transitions beyond our human form.

love is more than that spoken humanity
life is more than luck or
striving to earn a plateau of comfort
rather it is rooted in faith.

love is realizing more than yourself
or the person you are committed to
-the offspring
which enter through the physical torch of night….

love is looking up and promising
to take what you each have at this moment
making it more –

-recognizing the reason of heaven and why-

and when life comes to whatever end
love is what carries on into the next

beyond the science
beyond religion beyond law….

-the circle of all three in three and more-

not because the other person filled the voids within you or vice versa
because love joined you each in the middle
and carries on….

beyond this life
beyond the next…..
and waits for you both

until both are ready to complete the realization of one
within the entirety of everything.

love is.

A v.s EH


under the roof top
the ukulele sound –
dancing past the eaves trough
sharing the window
the dog-
sits on lap and laughs
more depressed about the weather
than both of us combined.

let’s go to Hawaii
the rain there will be warm
can wear a grass skirt
sway to my ukulele
more erotic than a voyeurs window.

but i don’t want to miss this Cndn weather –
leaves red and rich purple
colours with deeper meaning
than all the rest of Ontario
-how will they look on the ground?

the record player is playing a CD –
a USB ripped from previous vinyl
-no it’s not a Ukulele
it’s a green cover with a snake rail photo
CBC recorded off the back porch
while it rained – and all the names of
the county were spoken.

‘no i do not love….
but over the hills and in….
(while I) rip open my shirt and say….’

(as you and the dog)

ignore my antics-
eaves trough dribbles
and the North Bay Fall
into my basement –
all the rich colours of


she's....putting on the coffee
butterflies on her butt cheeks
((jeez) (eve))
put on some clothes
- or stir your finger i need the sugar.
she's pasted on the bumper sticker
how many are in your family
does ((m(o)m)) look like her?

she's looking over at adam
and he's dressed for the office
'what is this? cabin wear?'
you're in shadow
the cabin is barely lit in morning after
and the cup is to your lips
eve -
don't go back to the bedroom


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