The Strombo Show

fuck the hockey scene
you’re our ron macLEAN for cndn music
a landscape branching past T.O through Vancouver
the east coast never lonely

yeah some know you’re a hockey guy too
give us that living room show
arkells in the backyard
C.N in the background
groups being themselves
– a band of 5 hip gords without the heavy shoulders

bring back the red chairs
lounge in lawn chairs -on- the beach skip stones
ask allan hawco to bring linden MACintyre with him

fuck hockey – we all know and don’t want the change
you’re our ron maclean of the social scene
a landscape of landscapes – a group of individuals
just wanting a piece of an unforgettable backdrop
and that famous intro/bio…..

* George Stroumboulopoulos – famous canadian journalist
* Ron MacLean – if you gotta ask_ wel……
* Arkells – Canadian band from Hamilton Ontario
* C.N – C.N tower in Toronto
* 5 hip gords – Tragically Hip with frontman Gord Downie…famous Canadian band
* Red chairs – famous chairs from the show called ‘The Hour’ hosted by George
* Allan Hawco – famous Canadian actor
*Linden MacIntyre – famous CBC/Candian journalis and author……
* Strombo Show – show hosted by George featuring Canadian bands….

Jack Kerouac Bread Box

Have a listen while you read along:

the radio is Kerouac
lost lines to the in between
your ear to the bread box

turn the dial

this is wheat for the wheat thins
you don’t ask how or when
you just tune in

give a listen
live out your heart.

in this moment you’re not the wannabe
you’re a magician hearing the lost traveled

you’re Miles freestylin’ without a trumpet
lost in the 80’s
searchin’ for the here and the now.
the 2000’s almost 2000 and 21 or is ’19?

i don’t know

but it’s breakfast now –
i can’t begin my day
without a coffee
without a prayer
radio tuning in the bread box
Kerouac – on the ear – whispering – don’t miss me – i’m dead
but only to the living lost
forgetting the in between words
from the bread box

Stretch Yellow

fog rolls the morning window
you sleep – until 9 a.m burns off the grass
yellow rot of July prays for rain

then you stretch pointing out thunder clouds

eggs fry or poach
tea mugs rinse
old dry bags at bottom

in the afternoon the beer is popped
canned tabs and the sweet sound of caps – twist
you rest in lawn chair – rotting wood – re painted

cross legged laughing pointing out BBQ and the faithful dog

burgers flip or burn
blue box fill
empty beer box crush

in the evening yellow logs crackle
fire department stops by – scolds – stays for night cap
the garden hose soaks the backyard rotting under feet

you stand to stretch – point to the bedroom window – smiling

department leave or depart
i follow
smiling at screen door…

Long Friends Lost – Conversing

Hey man! How did you get here?
i was transported by a battle ship – a long voyage – Cozy Cove around to Sugar Isle…

they named that ship ‘logs a hauling’
winter sleigh bells pulled horse and logs cross this
flat belly glass – ignoring True….and yelling out Pierre

Hey man! How did you get here?
i followed the lost channel and found Quin Mo Lac – just before they
renamed her Hungerford

Say the names – Say the names!
these pathways are like pen names to we writers
meaning nothing to most but telling a story about
miniature Canada

miniature Canada?
of course – we are unified and unidentified
renamed and re-chorused – clustered to stand on guard for Thee

but Thee of whom?
and by what Thy Son?

oh we grammar artist know
but we jumped ship – over the rails with our logs a hauling
swimming to safety of shore and calling hwy 37….

Far Enough

*Sugar Island and Cozy Cove: 2 beaches at opposite end of Stoco lake in Tweed Ontario

* Tru(deau) and Pierre: Trudeau park is also located on Stoco lake – while Pierre is the first name of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau

* Logs a hauling: using horse and sleigh people used to cut timber and travel across Stoco lake in the winter

*Quin Mo Lac: a side road along hwy 62 in Ontario which leads into Tweed Ontario. As the road enters Tweed it is called Hungerford. Lost Channel is a side road which runs outside of Tweed but is not connected to Quin Mo Lac or Hungerford

*Say the names: a famous poem written by Canadian poet Al Purdy

*On Guard for Thee/ Thy Son: lines from the Canadian National Anthem

* Hwy 37: the main artery which leads into Tweed Ont

Fumbling Mumbling

Sunday wraps itself around summer fog
choir retired for 8 wks
traveling wilburys take charge and change faces
week to week

in a thinning population
i prepare in bathroom mirror – checking rooster and widow
wonder if there’ll be room in pew – then chuckle

‘how do you say this word Father?’
-say it how you want
‘where is everyone Father?’
-God is happy you are here

9 a.m is a helluva thing in the early morning hours

* Traveling Wilburys were a British-American supergroup consisting of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty.

* rooster and widow: nicknames for natural hair ‘styles’

Lone Wolf Tenor

‘Guns for peace is like fucking for virginity’
it’s a lone wolf tenor changing the anthem lyrics.
Now there’s a juxtaposition – which angers more?
the individual statements of vulgarity or the foolishness of either notion?
Wear your quick draw at all times – see how far it’s get you
see how fast society calls you a police officer pulling too quickly
instead of a vigilante hero who saved the day…
Jump ahead of government and change the lyrics before 3 readings approval
watch the internet explode and call you an all star terrorist of words.

This is the Year of Mercy – 365 days where we can change-
change ourselves – take mercy to one another
– or we can ignore everything that used to make sense
dwindle in numbers divine…
Forget who we stand on guard for
and be shocked when the next great pilgrimage does not bring
us into town for Sunday morning prayer
but instead forces us to search overseas in a paddle-less canoe…
Not knowing what God will say
about our human born ideals…

*(Guns) Bombs for peace is like fucking for virginity : statements on protest signs used during the Vietnam war

* Lone wolf tenor: a lone wolf tenor changed the Canadian anthem lyrics during the 2016 MLB all star game enraging people across Canada while their own govt is in the process of changing lines within the anthem…..

*365 days of mercy – Pope Francis has deemed 2016 the Year of Mercy

when does adulthood begin
childhood begin
begin – end

either is fine

this circle this oval
your next of
stand in front of the bathroom mirror
age and re-begin
you’re a sprout
growing up
growing out


begin the process start
restart the process
this skin of flesh
youth within


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