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The Star

Land me on the star

that points

straight on until


place me on the star

that shines on the

family room which

gave birth to



Fly me to the moon

let me sing with

the angels

let me sleep under

the star

with the shepherds

with the kings


Give me my own star

to help me find the

way back home

to my own family



A Fathers Prayer

Calm presence
speak to me
i know your name well
gift of confidence
enlighten me
your voice calls my name

Fill this room with conversation
my home is yours to keep
make my words traceable
when it becomes my turn to

Open the eyes of my family
open the hearts of my friends
permit me to pass on your love
i share with you each morn’

Living Room

The coffee table

sewing wheel

the record player

moved paintings


The open-drape-windows

phone calls

the chocolate

one last forgotten gift


The manger scene

top Angel on the tree

the photographs

turkey, sink ready


The Living Room


wrapping paper

the garbage bags

brief realization of time

the forgotten stockings




Frosted Window I

The cold on the window pane
creates frost
for a moment I feel the outdoors and frown
at the cold

then i see the design of the frost on my
and realize the unique

my frown turns into a smile
and I wish to play outside
like a child again…….


The frost returns a 2nd
I feel old again
I can’t rummage yesterday’s

then a child rushes in
lays both hands on the window
and breathes on the frosted window
and leaves a kiss
she runs from the room

I see her happiness left on
the new pattern of the frosted
window and her lips
pressed in like a snowflake

It warms my heart
and I feel Your
breath rush inside me
Your happy kiss on this
old man’s heart

Single Candle

we trust
we believe
in a crowded room
in a vacant lot
on a cloudy day
on a summer beach

a single candle
for a group of people
a single source
for such jumbled questions
a silent force
from such a gentle breeze

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