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This world can fool you

rap the piano
your knuckled fingers
filling the basement

my tears are upstairs
a reverse role
for the new moment

let the kids play
don’t race to catch them
don’t hold them back

my foot taps
i wait for an
absent kiss

Don’t let this world
fool you

pluck on the guitar
this living room misses
the vibrations on the window

drop both hands in dismissive
i wait for you to argue my sentences

pour me a drink of the
simple life
my eyes are searching for you

rap that old piano
i wait on the absent kiss
drop both hands in dismissive gesture

Pour me a drink of the simple life

Don’t let this world

Fool you


Regale the Campfire

there’s a saw
and a gun
a hammer strong

trespass signs
fires breathing life

there’s a prisoner
with his numbers
dogs on the scent

the night just calls
a moment in stolen eyes

draw me to the river
let me wait for heavens train
hand me the tool box to safely keep

there’s a saw and a gun
a hammer strong and old

the night is elusive
the back property holds
my mind

hold the shadows
the cub scout flash lights

trespass signs for a
long May night
trespass signs feed the fire light

along lake ontario

i took a drive
inside a dream
white cloud up front
muffler cough in the

old station wagon
barren street
dead trees
foggy park morning

play the guitar
shake the chimes
take the apartment spirit home

you slept beside me
in sweat
and fear

midnight on easter saturday
i’m in a painting
heading home
all spirits are gathered whole

Time My Friend

smiling in church
were you a gardener
waiting for me to recognize?

we walked outside
said nothing
felt good

together we headed to the rectory
it was bathed in bright white
you put your hand on my chest

at the front door we stopped
you spoke
‘no, it isn’t your time’

i argued
realized i couldn’t yet see inside
this house i had been in so many times

you smiled
stepped inside the bright white
i knew we would both be fine

when i find me missing you
i remember this moment
and i can go on.

-Smile Of A Gardener

play off wives

As the water source
of the night
trickles the moonglow
fills your body
giving you
your blue eyes

the stars of the
shower fortune
placing holes for
wishing rights
your heart is a
fishing line
casting woes from
your mind

For the skate-towards-love
at midnight found
circle your breath
in the
little pieces of life
will fall
your body is always

In Training

Heels dipped back
like a child keeping
toes dry in wet

Body a bridge
between mind of
horse and courage
of one’s own

Sun comes through
arena in thin window streams
as though they were bow strings from
violins at the ready

Trainer bellows
as rider drifts through
mid figure eights

Horse slashes tail
foam drips from
dust rises from this
enclosed desert morning

Who Needs Poe

you were at the top of the stairs
creating shadows
and images
you made sure to be
just a split second
so my imagination could
run wild
i turned quickly to catch you
edged from room to room
turned lights on
as i moved around
and double checked all
doors and windows

why in these dark shadows
are you always backlit
in soft light?

at the top of the stairs
you looked down
never moving
commanding a presence
you don’t really want
I leave on radios
keep televisions
and wish sunlight
was ever lasting

why in these moments
do i realize
you’re not even
currently there?

you are at the top of the stairs
creating shadows
and images
you make sure to be
just a slit second
so my imagination can
run wild
i turn quickly to catch you
edge from room to room
turning lights on
as i move around
and double check all
doors and windows……….

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