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SteelTown For Mary: The Art of Male Bonding……….


Excerpt from SteelTown For Mary…..

SteelTown For Mary is officially BACK from the printers and ready for the public.

The Official Release Date for SteelTown will be May 1 2014.

Details of where and how to buy will be released SHORTLY

In the meantime, enjoy a quick excerpt from the book!

– – – – –

the comforting thought-
back roads
with no names
hwys with too many,
both- leading

a truck

is the only way to travel.
back seats for extra things
but still just you and me-
i bought it
no one else could come

a comforting thought

jazz music, rock
mostly cndn-
you don’t take the middle seat
but we’re close

let’s drive
the sunset, rise…
mid afternoon blind
4 lane pull over
16 lane race,
loose corduroy pull
over a hill, past snake
around the Kenilworth
crucifix on rear

45 degree angle

back roads
with no names
hwys with too many,
both- leading

-the comforting thought

Sneak Peak……

A copy of the soft covered edition of the book has come in from the printers for final inspection… looks purdy – i mean pretty to me. Will announce on Wednesday the release date of the book including a limited numbered of first edition hard cover editions.

SteelTown For Mary: Memoirs From a Dick…….. more to come!

Photo on 2014-04-28 at 2.45 PM

April showers bring…

if you want to call it construction,
rages out the front window.
lost bulls on a farm searching for the
gap, and finding only
more fence line.
and black pylons stack up the
chess board road
pawns, covering exposed
lungs and
sphincters under the newly
narrowed street.
have been told, only 50 cars
a day travel here,
despite the 100 or so houses
and 3 points of access for
3 main drags.
no longer bulls, the crew moves
in huddles, pausing –
pick microbes from each others
orange vests, scratch mind and
buttocks, peering down a
newly developed crater,
decide over ladder or to rebury
and keep searching.
if this were Corbyville and not Stirling
or if we were closer
to waters,
I would suspect they were digging for
rare whisky or lost gold.
more orange vest and white hats
last years temporary blue
water lines are being reattached
and once more,
we are off the grid.

A Seuss Tree

a Seuss tree
upside down- purple
dandelion, dead as a lion
waiting to roar.
waking the mammals,
the animals-
the cartoon hard cover book

bright eyes!

smile human teeth from tigress fur
omnivore mask on back of face – back head
smile, but don’t pounce, i am watching



a Seuss tree.
blow a puff on the sea
and see-
hold on, and we will rocket travel
this world-
only imaginary until you

are together

the museum oil paintings

you are the sexy woman
who dresses in full body view
sits a lounge as an egyptian queen
breasts on pillow, legs aching, hand on
curled hip

you are the sexy woman

growing old with me
still young at the end of time
tight inside my bones
fully realized in my heart

you are the sexy woman

your sad eyes
how do i make them joyful


the sexy woman

standing tall in the sun o’er top a city

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