Georgian Bay – Grotto

fragments of
stone dinosaurs
washed up on
the rocky beach.
georgian bay
coughing out the past
covering the sand
as we tread carefully wondering
where to place
inside the grotto
a pool of green-blue
limestone splashes
while remaining
light breaks
through the
as travelers walk
above the cliff
peer down along walls
how to safely manage
a way to the water
and back up.
this ceiling passage way
becomes a
secret crevice
in the stone
allowing us to climb up
and stand around at the cliff
of the world.
this jagged drop off ending
gives way to an
endless horizon
all of time gazes back
trying to convince those who
stare out
this is both the beginning
and the end
while being
neither the past
nor the future
of all our best plans
wait back in the civilized
world- simply the present
time where perhaps
the world does stop spinning
or if not the world
perhaps this province
or certainly what
lives inside of us-
a piece of ourselves
caught for a moment
in great


About Crazy Irishman

Touted as a working man's poet, Martin Durkin has been writing professionally for the last 12 years. He has appeared in over twenty anthologies across North America, including, "And left a place to stand on", a collection of poems and essays about the late great Al Purdy. Durkin has also published two collections of poetry, "Hypnotic Childhood", and "The Sound of Quish". Over the past 4 years, Durkin has been on hiatus for the most part but has recently come back to the poetry scene creating a poetry site called, where in the past year he has written over 100 poems and created a cross over page on where he gives a story behind each of the pieces written. View all posts by Crazy Irishman

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