understanding one’s own soul, after it’s said and done.

i watched the
trunk go down last,
and though i was crazy,
it was better than the
some other damn fool driving
my taxi around-

then the dark walk back to town
as though i were one of 5 virgins,
in search of my bride/groom,
without enough oil for the lantern,
disowned – and left until morning

but now i think

i need to once more steal a jeep
i need to risk the touch of a woman-

while i’ve been away, Albert C. has
bestowed me an honour
even tho
he and the Collegiate
told me to go home
to mother, for i was a child
becoming a man who would
not listen or conform-

on second thought
i won’t steal a jeep-
you no longer live in Belleville
or Roblin anyhow

hey Eurithe!
it was as you say, a life-

(and i still can’t believe your answer,
me a dying man, writing my own eulogy
one last foreword before the here after)

box cars
and railway marshalls,
chasing me, then feeding me
locking me up in the caboose with bars on the window
with a copy of ladies home journal to read-
then me, older
standing on guard at your door
leaving Trenton and the rest of Canada

and if i wasn’t going to work, then
neither were you.
instead, i wrote, visited scrap yards
and built us a home,
while you, prepared to follow your
own name on a greek odyssey,
decided i was worth the risk-

now, it’s all said and done.
you in Vancouver, me- still in the
dark at times, without enough oil
but realize, i indeed (laughing in disbelief) have a soul
and plenty of company in Layton
and Milton

-and if this un-united nation doesn’t
mind me saying, blushingly of course,
i have climbed the summit within myself
understanding the heart of literary
promiscuity, in doing so
made poetry so much
better for it, and

myself as well…….


About Crazy Irishman

Touted as a working man's poet, Martin Durkin has been writing professionally for the last 12 years. He has appeared in over twenty anthologies across North America, including, "And left a place to stand on", a collection of poems and essays about the late great Al Purdy. Durkin has also published two collections of poetry, "Hypnotic Childhood", and "The Sound of Quish". Over the past 4 years, Durkin has been on hiatus for the most part but has recently come back to the poetry scene creating a poetry site called crazyirishman.wordpress.com, where in the past year he has written over 100 poems and created a cross over page on https://www.facebook.com/crazyirishmanpoetry where he gives a story behind each of the pieces written. View all posts by Crazy Irishman

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