in the early morn

you lay at the stone fence line
as if defeated
deep in thought with acreage all around you
with odd tree
with the fog
with more acreage

do you wait for Robin Hood

do you wait for me?

do you wish to be left alone

Though Not In Peace.

i can see you are tormented

even part of the landscape
but the landscape does not accept you

neither does this world

so do you lie there in defeat at the stone fence line
which goes on for endless mile

do you wait for me

are you Maid Marian stripped of her garments
becoming part of the stone landscape which has no ending ‘cept the

i am not Robin
i am very rarely merry

but i know this country
i know your body
and i can read your language

wait at the base of the stone fence line my love
from the ocean i will find you

across the green
and the flat staircase
the acreage of the rolling clear
and the sky

at the base of the fence line

to finish the fight


About Crazy Irishman

Touted as a working man's poet, Martin Durkin has been writing professionally for the last 12 years. He has appeared in over twenty anthologies across North America, including, "And left a place to stand on", a collection of poems and essays about the late great Al Purdy. Durkin has also published two collections of poetry, "Hypnotic Childhood", and "The Sound of Quish". Over the past 4 years, Durkin has been on hiatus for the most part but has recently come back to the poetry scene creating a poetry site called, where in the past year he has written over 100 poems and created a cross over page on where he gives a story behind each of the pieces written. View all posts by Crazy Irishman

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