even the dog knows

i freeze
just a little


just a tad,
wondering about the change of a backyard trail
when backyard property goes up for sale.
former farm land turns into housing
with stone stacked living
containing human vessels, who
will look out from their windows
onto the back trail
and watch curiously, as a man and his
dog travel by-
mesmerized by the sun
and Canadian sky.


oak hills rolling under
ploughed blade work,
having moved the earth as though she
were a great whale
travelling as a mole, just
beneath the surface
waiting, for the corn of next year
to raise a tired body
searching for air.

this great balcony view
or back porch presence


in the middle trapped,
looking south at city life
these future
concrete silos,
eyes searching north, past Campbellford
wondering if the whale will survive another year
or will it be pulled from the ground,
the same as the trees and rocks before its
when farm land was needed for a sustained futureā€¦

place a tired dead carcass along the side of the hwy
and name a future residential court, in honour
of her well travelled and now
lifeless body.

i freeze
just a little


just a tad,
walk the dog deeper along the trail
watch his behaviour change,
raising his ears
nose to the air,
seeming to realize himself

things can never stay


About Crazy Irishman

Touted as a working man's poet, Martin Durkin has been writing professionally for the last 12 years. He has appeared in over twenty anthologies across North America, including, "And left a place to stand on", a collection of poems and essays about the late great Al Purdy. Durkin has also published two collections of poetry, "Hypnotic Childhood", and "The Sound of Quish". Over the past 4 years, Durkin has been on hiatus for the most part but has recently come back to the poetry scene creating a poetry site called crazyirishman.wordpress.com, where in the past year he has written over 100 poems and created a cross over page on https://www.facebook.com/crazyirishmanpoetry where he gives a story behind each of the pieces written. View all posts by Crazy Irishman

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