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it’s a workday

the snow rains in late January
the driveway drains white while the road shuffles CD sounds of skipping tires
there is contemplation over coffee – wait or shovel now?
write a boring pome (yes pome) or watch the weather changer over 8 hours?


is a workday


if the writing will not come
physical work may as well be completed
let the open line – dead line – radio show play to its own voice
it can be the ruling boredom for the next 2 hours


is a workday



Last Summer

when she leaves
the ocean rises over the boardwalk
takes summer out to sea
the ferris wheel dies in storm
lightening shuts the town in darkness

when she leaves
New York looks for New Jersey
an electric guitar plays in a lost car driving
foot down on the accel – race in search

(when she leaves)

‘meet me tonight’….

we’ve been gambling too long
the waiting is not a test and the ocean

when she leaves
daytime has no night
and there’s no light in darkness

… when she leaves ()

place me back in 4 wheel drive
point the last known whereabouts on the GPS

() when she leaves….

Judith – your – Judith

first you are covered in gold
then you lean forward
spilling the imagination of Gustav
onto the page
your raven hair against the yellow background
bathed in beauty
while your afghan quilt reminds me
of a technicolor play not ready to end in

stay right where you are Judith
until tomorrow
i leave the room to write – while you
re-emerge with your divorced lover
covered in gold

– with raven


that clown frown
deNiro style – not really believing your words.
you start talking and my face turns to italian puddy
and then i want to get violent with you
or throw up my hands and drop them down in an
irish grandfatherly style – simply walk away

but i can’t


get in the truck
and let’s just be quiet
let’s just get this done so things can move accordingly for a while
this family needs some peace and quiet


real life

doesn’t offer it up very often
for any great length of

Spoiled Milk

The Crazy Irishman

just listen to me

I’m trying but you’re going in
circles Jim

i know but just let me try for a
second it didn’t start out as a
robbery it started out as an
attempt to gets some free
lottery tickets

Some free lottery tickets?

yeah see the clerk gipped us on the
price of milk and we didn’t
realize it until we got in the car
and checked the receipt, so we
went back in

Wearing your tukes?

which the clerk told the cops looked to
him like ski masks which they
don’t, but we went back in and I
thought rather than open the
cash register to make up the
difference he could just give us
a lottery ticket for free

So how did that lead to your

well at first he pretended not
to see that he gipped us on the
milk and then when he…

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photographer and the model

on the swing facing the lake
grounded leaves
sweater hanging off elbow onto seat
hair between shoulder blades
breasts poking towards the still breeze
hand on rope
feet dirty and curled up
-that drifting feeling
waiting for the push that propels an
upside down sky

diary of my Mind

i pull two of my own books from Bryan Prince Bookseller
one from The Hamilton Store

as a poet
that’s a big deal

taking a chance monetarily
in a world where more often – little comes through

it’s a risk taker
giving away self published money

$90 worth
on their way to a literary competition.

but what’s the risk if they stay on the shelf – never moving
and what’s the risk if the competition goes well?

but it’s not for competition sake

a thank you letter
to a city which now moves through your blood

James Street

Forest Ave

Catherine and Mary

hello John
of course King

my Cork and town
St. Pat….

over the Skyway

running a guitar riff
white falcon

kewl as Arkell Street
unique as Jackson

past the fire stacks
growling Tom Wilson…


in the P.S
scrawled inside the first book
i write to wife who has been called my muse

dear Kelly –

you’re as sexy as this town
equally gritty

and I’m a lucky man
to have each
of you
my life.

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