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From Print to Audio

Trying out some new tracks via SoundCloud…..hope you enjoy


Liters Vs Gallons…..

back roads
with farm machinery parked on side
pot holes and iced over gravel – slick as a tide pull
learning faith while the salesman holds the dash and prays

‘do you knows these roads son?’

like the back of my hand.
hit brakes hard and turn wheel.

in Toronto the traffic is far different
but the lesson is the same
-steer into and then out
learn if this vehicle can relieve you of a difficult situation quickly

‘can it pass an 18 wheeler in under 3 seconds?’

i don’t know son – please don’t tell me we’re going to the hwy to find out

farmer looks up from tractor pushing last nights manure in pen
he lifts hat and waves and i roll window down

‘hello Roy – nice day today isn’t it?’

and Roy smiles dumping bucket while backing out – returning to barn

Springbrook Auto…
this new car smell is eased onto lot with care
backed into position for next test drive
while salesman looks across holding papers
and i look over steering wheel – listen to the engine
asking myself

‘what do i know about modern day vehicles….’

Now Is The Time Of Poetry

a space
rejuvenize(d) cave
place your cloth with mine – neatly folded on top or within the sepulcher
roll open the stone door – this is a morning for poetry
warm sun blazing – Salton sea mani-pedi-cure
drop a wet micro burst
30 seconds worth to wash us both
let Easter begin
i want to walk along the garden
let us see what wasn’t seen a few nights before

o Canada hear me now
i am standing at the edge of your own waters
personal moments for each individual

o Everywhere hear me now
i am standing in your own image
structured by Man and Father himself

a space
an entire world
a heaven
this warmth for all eternity
a morning prayer
ready to hear your poetry
re-emerging in this ocean of whales
psalms for songs and all we united
let Easter begin
i want to walk along beside you

I Stood There

July 26 2014: 2nd Annual Al Purdy Picnic at the A-Frame…..

It’s the closest I’ve ever managed to get to my literary hero. Standing on his newly built deck outside his home in Ameliasburgh. I’ve never been inside the cabin itself. I figure as a writer, I haven’t earned that right just yet. But thanks to Gerry Fraiberg, who recorded the events that day….I get to see some proof that I was in fact, there.

I was scared – nervous – rusty….I was wearing my Arkells shirt for luck, I was being given 10 minutes to read and I was going to read from my new book called, STEELTOWN FOR MARY. There were camera’s and microphones, a documentary being produced and the whole time I was thinking, I was standing on hallowed literary ground. Before I crossed Al’s driveway, I rubbed some of his gravelled dust onto my shoes. I did the same when leaving

If you’re a writer, this is the place you want to make a pilgrimage to. The same way that if you’re a musician in Canada, you must want to make a trip down the road to the Bathhouse….


My thanks once again to Gerry Fraiberg who brought a portion of my set to light. I cringe a bit at my performance but what the hell….it’s proof. I Stood There. I don’t know if I’ll ever be back to improve upon myself standing on Al’s deck, or if I will ever earn the right to enter his home – but I will be a forever thankful man……for a few hours one summer day…..I stood on Al Purdy ground.

I hope you enjoy the video below:

Gettin’ Ready for NIGHT KITCHEN TOO At Belleville’s Pinnacle Playhouse

Getting ready for the show tonight and deciding on what pieces to perform… Hope to see you there!

Until then – here’s one that’s a tad strange…ENJOY

MARTIN DURKIN is pleased to announce that he will once again be part of the AMAZING line up for NIGHT KITCHEN TOO on Saturday March 19th at the Belleville Theatre Guild at Pinnacle Playhouse. Show starts at 8pm

Hosted by Joe Callahan, Alexandra Bell and Nathan Mahaffy

1. Marvin Tucker 8:00-8:05pm

2. Joe Callahan 8:05-8:10pm

4. Kieran Kennelly 8:15-8:20pm

6. Kathy Keenan and Andrew Gilchrist 8:25-8:30pm

8. Andy Forgie 8:35-8:40pm

9. Michael McNamara 8:40-8:45pm

10. Kim Doolittle 8:45-8:55pm FEATURE ACT

11. Break 8:55-9:10pm***************************************

12. Alexandra Bell and Nathan Mahaffy 9:10-9:15pm

13. Martin Durkin 9:15-9:20pm

14. Jimmy Rogers 9:20-9:25pm

15. Lorri Taylor and Frank Artes 9:25-9:30pm

16. Kris Tischbein 9:30-9:35pm

17. Joe Callahan 9:35-9:40pm

18. Kim Doolittle 9:40-9:45pm

19. Jam 9:45-10:30pm-Audience is welcome to stay

Hope to see you there!

Durkin’s 2014 novel STEELTOWN FOR MARY – MEMOIRS FROM A DICK was shortlisted by the 2015 Hamilton Literary Awards Council with the board stating ‘STEELTOWN FOR MARY is an entirely unique work following the life and memories of a Hamilton detective. With a gritty yet endearing tone, Durkin combines the best of poetry, narrative, mystery, and romance to paint a detailed portrait of both character and setting. It is a tale of grief, discovery, and moving forward, but ultimately a tale of the heart and the home.’

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