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This Sunday Morn

by yourself but not alone
for alone is just a fancy word
regarding your own state of mind

alone but not forgotten
surely there’s someone out there
who gives a damn about you

and when the dog curls up beside
rub his ears and say to him
‘Charlie I guess I’ll give a damn about you’

by yourself but not forgotten
this car carries more than just two
pass by your drive and take the day
explore the homes until you realize the phrase

‘just dropping in or stopping by’

and when they open up the door
remember the feeling and the fancy words
regarding your own
state of mind…..


HomeMade Hometown

nobody wants to listen to you
lay down
go to bed – the family tree is immediate but tired
who do you think you are?
even Jesus learned the hard way – you will not make it in your own town
and you

But have faith
believe in your thought process
thank the family member who become your friend
this means thanking yourself

and say

I Trust You Lord

while you work
work harder than hard understands
withstand the pneumonia
take on that busted hip bone
forget about the ruptured ear drum

it’s all just a test to see if you care
care enough to battle it all knowing
and in the knowing….

you will understand

and the dog will lay down
he will go to bed on his carpet
while lion within you roars and ignores the desk lamp
hovering above your type writing computer machine
while the bats in their cages
swing knowing they are not blind
trying to knock out the single bulb on a cord

while you
listen to yourself
alongside that trusting voice inside you
wanting to hear
what you have written….

in a room of beautiful silence
where you can be proud of your perseverance
and accomplishments
in your own – homemade – hometown…..

Poems inside the Tweedsmuir?

After reading a great article today about the upcoming monthly installments regarding First Tuesday Muse at the Tweedsmuir Tavern in Tweed Ontario – I couldn’t help but think….poetry and taverns?

But you know what – one of the ALL TIME greatest poems is about just that…..poetry in a tavern. And the idea of people reading and discussing great literature over a few pints just gets my motor revving….especially when it’s inside a tavern that at times has been known to be a little…..rowdy.

The first session is to take place on May 3rd from 7 until 9pm……and knowing the talent that is in this rural area……it should be one helluva good time.

Anyone interested in learning more can join the Facebook group:

Anyone interested in reading that great article I spoke about can go here:

Anyone interested in knowing what ALL TIME greatest poem I was talking about can go here….it’s my own spoken version of the piece. And Gawd knows no one can do it better than the original master….Al Purdy reading his poem At The Quinte Hotel….but what the hell….until May 3rd:

Fashionable Love


let’s grow old together
and not in style


of our own style
where we are who we are
not meaning to be cool


when the next generation sees the picture of you
and me…..happy…..

they’ll try to mimic the genuine feelings we had
by wearing what we wore
when the picture was taken

you and me
a living example of true love


fashion wear….

The House With Two Doors

i write your name in the glass window of the steel door
there’s 2 in the house so your name goes front to back
repeating process until the words are art and the forest full of trees

the overlapping creates ‘m’ birds
peaks of sugar mountains and a valley where we can swim
a memory for the memories looking out the glass window

onto the front street
into the back fields of time

will you hold my hand when you return
we’ll walk the trails and follow the lines of your name


the signature is complete


there’s a flag at the top of the sugar mountains
where the ‘m’ birds settle down for a rest….

Hello to Farewell Soundtrack

Call it a follow up to the first poem FAREWELL TO HELLO SOUNDTRACK……if you know the songs then you know the bands….you can call it a flipside to the same coin…..a poem with…..attitude…..


we’re getting off that plane now
that band is playing New Orleans is Sinking
and we’ve got our ray bans on
we’re stepping onto a new tarmac
the trees look different but somehow still the same
is this still Canada we’re living in
and LongWayToNeverLand comes on the radio from that other
Kingston band

all this rock n roll is putting us in a good mood
we’re moving like movie stars
like outlaws

and i love that word ‘like’
or have i said that before about another word
but sometimes ‘like’ is just a great way to start describing things

and like – we’re sliding into this car
all 4 doors are opened and there’s a chauffeur closing things up
but i stop him – pay him a tip and he tips his hat
and i borrow his hat and trade him sunglasses –
ray bans for those ones that make you look like a pilot

I bring my woman up to the front seat and slide behind the wheel
beside you – look over like a rebel without a cause knowing we won the war. and damn baby from the rear view we really do look like outlaws
me in this black chauffeur cap and sunglasses smirking at you


in with your blonde hair down on your shoulders
muscles tight around that tight shirt

the sun is setting and i flip on the high beams
to that harvest moon and star gazers almost as blue as your
blue eyes

the radio is blaring
and that Hamilton band
that helped us to feel young again
is playing Come to Light
and you and I


drive off into the sunset….game match and won.

What’s Behind the Audio

First off here’s the audio….

I think the story or the sentiment behind the piece is fairly obvious but for those who are wondering about the soundtrack within the soundtrack – all I can say is it’s about duets. A man and a woman in each song mentioned singing to one another – the same way the man within the poem is singing a song to this woman he’s about to board a plane with.

If you’re curious enough – you’ll stop by YouTube and you’ll punch in the song titles and most likely you’ll find the songs….

For now – just listen to the piece and look out that window…….

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