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Long Distance….

you need sunglasses
and cut out stone to pattern your sidewalk
you need a dog to walk
and you need certain times of day

give me your evenings

point ourselves west – ‘no’?
o.k – we’ll walk with the sun to our backs
protect our eyes and cast a shadow over the fence line
into the grain fields and hay ready to be bailed in circles

give me your phone calls

your distorted voice sounds as though distance has no meaning
the displaced phone cord giving solitude to our footsteps
missing from the moment

run to me – ‘no’?
coax me then – into a conversation
drink some orange juice with me
and turn down the radio so i can hear you properly

give me you – i’ll give you me

sunglasses on
dog at ready
sidewalk patterned to your likeness…..

* Coax Me….song by Canadian band Sloan….including orange jui
ce excerpt


Lee Miller

let’s send you to Paris next
your mind-a-camera-in-hand
go from war bride to warrior

stop off in England
hop a plane back to the herb farm
stretch your body out and we’ll go from there

return to Vogue
bring life to light – to the lens
we will correspond our love and travel between the staples

high gloss art
in-depth eyes – in uniform
wings on your lapel

….my mind wandering to you standing on a New York balcony

* an American photographer – Lee Miller was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1907 A successful fashion model in New York City during the ’20s before going to Paris. During the Second World War, she became an acclaimed war correspondent for Vogue.

Purple Summer

The faith in this
before (o) the iris
a communal healing
bridging hearts
releasing birds from hands
…sorrows no

wait for me at the flower box ledge

6 hours of sun
your purple sword
the lily falls for us to catch
…Mary stand here

Mary sit with me….

* The iris is the floral symbol for Mary and a sign of reconciliation between God and Man. The iris is also known as the sword lily and represent the 7 sorrows of Mary. The iris went on to replace the lily as Mary’s botanical emblem….

I Never Picked Cotton

you want heat? picture a farm house window with a light white veil blowing inwards to a 2nd floor bedroom – over looking a field ready to be cut

fuck that breeze it’s a mirage

and if you’re still in the room you must be half nuts yourself
or a teenager determined not to follow in your parents footsteps
staging a strike – refusing to return to the fields and work

kid just run away

put your thumb out on the main road – sit on your suitcase then hope your neighbour doesn’t pick you up. pray that your father or brother doesn’t notice from the tractor while they’re baling hay in the middle field. hope your mother stays in the back yard putting up laundry.

don’t think of scriptures

you are not your brothers’ keeper and you did not promise to work in the wine fields – there is no boat below waiting for you to fish. walk in the opposite direction of where your property starts and hope it doesn’t rain – if it does everyone will be inside the house and wondering where you might be. then they’ll start calling out your name and you may begin to feel guilty.

leaving the lane way remember the breeze in your bedroom and keep walking…..

*”I Never Picked Cotton” a song made famous by singer Roy Clark. Written by Bobby George and Charles Williams

In the Land of Quilts

could you fill me with something different
a life that in a life is not your life but still my own
where we could share this meal and talk about something
we don’t normally ignore

could you attach me to this flight plan
where we could crop dust the fields and then take off for nowhere
anywhere but here and see the mountains of another world
part of the fabric – this printed quilt we see down below

could you kill me so i can see heaven
talk to God for just a moment – see if i’m or we’re on the right path
He could bring me back as the neighbour performs CPR
being the hands of the divine while i cough myself and say i finally
know the answer

and what a helluva a thing to say you say
but i’m not sorry if i’m only asking if and when
but i am sorry if it’s not courageous to such suggest ideas
that lead to blaspheme – and not yours or mine – but other(ly)

could you sit with me here
drink a beer and say nothing but ‘what a sunset’
then sing perhaps the first tune that pops in our head

‘there’s someone coming to save my life’….

* ‘there’s someone coming to save my life’….lyrical line from the band – CITY AND COLOUR and their song SLEEPING SICKNESS……a duet with Gord Downie…..

more than just us….

bring me your human form as you understand it
let me wrap the leaf of myself around you
our heartbeats will fall into rhythm and the outside
world will ignore us as we ignore them.

outside world is waiting for us to complete ourselves
charcoal sketch of a small pause
then separate and continue moving forward before
we can return to be one again

and i am one with you
always with you where you go
separation is for the fearful and we showcase our fear
sculpt it into something more
trusting ourselves and more than ourselves

there is more than us
there is more than just us
there is more than us being just us
just us here
but not just us – there is more than us
– love and trust……

to be DARING….small steps beyond what we know…..

she’s nude
on New York stools
a window seat without glass
watching the passerby’s and listening to taxi’s.
it’s a Philadelphia cheese steak while dreaming of travel
not far but far enough to see what roads are beyond this window.
cross legged while the band behind her warms ups
a stand up base with curves from the neck and strings like hers –
the night lights will be coming on soon
and she’ll have to depart
-she’s never been this far north of 125th
and baby steps tell her that Baltimore or maybe New Jersey first_
wouldn’t be that hard to do.

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