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No Goodbyes….

Lucien Freud paints the women – men.
clinging to his leg with affirmations of non adieu
they ask ‘ why can’t you make us a more
Madeleine Plantey – caught in the moment of innocent morning?’
but Freud knows he’s not the man to ask.
‘just lay on the couch ’til something gives – i’ve got brushes ready
to change things a bit’.

on the balcony at 81×100 cm
people commence to bid

Pinterest starts the auction of jealousy
before Flickr and Instagram take charge

begin the art of intimate behaviour
Nu Au Balcon – or – Portrait of The Hound

or perhaps tonight instead –
we could sit down and face our moonlit gold
speak in the Chicago silence and prove we are more than
tonight we could balance the language of ourselves
and leave the references behind. We could erase the
and choose neither artist nor country –
tonight – and no

* Lucien Frued: was widely considered the pre-eminent British artist of his time. One of his paintings was entitled ‘Portrait of the Hound’

* Madeleine Plantey: Famous French painter. One of her paintings was entitled ‘Nu Au Balcon’


Book Covers

twist your flamenco around me
we’ll dance privately – back of kingston city hall.
glen orbik will look from heaven and paint
we’ll become a gabriel hunt book cover
running for
safety as the adventure begins from market square, bullets flying.

in new york

the central park girls will abandon their pictorial cause
and return to advertising, reading about us
jealous over you, your dress flirting with danger around
my pant legs; my dipped head – fedora.

From First Ave……

it’s the silent moment now
the closing of summer before summer end

a rock line
Georgian bay line

i guided travelers searching
painted trees from a once upon renaissance

am i Canadian?
how long should i sit here in the silent noise

i’m lost on the James Bay….

i am not Cndn – i am something more
perhaps yours? perhaps hers and theirs

am i original clay
a fishing lodge off shore?

perhaps watching the ice floes
hunting my witness form from God –

here as a permanent cottager
i dream…..

This Fall

give me the inconceivable you
woman of the wild
moving not knowing she’s been witnessed.
give me the soft tones of whispering flesh
eyes that know it all when they see me.

on the streets of New York we’ll walk palm in palm
crawl around Central Park.
we’ll take in an Arkells concert
pay 15 bucks for the unknown Hamilton
grazing in concrete fields.

give me the hook of your hand
squeezing mine in a hostel – hotel with an ‘s’ –

we can leave an art gallery or better yet
National Library Public – you be Stantz and i’ll be Bill Murray

give me the nakedness of your sainthood
a nude woman fresh from bathing – a white wrap around your hair.
as you lean on the bed and into the mirror – ignore market street
or Times Square

but don’t ignore me

and know when you are not watching
i am observing you
and wishing only for more time-
knowing we have an abundance of wasted moments
where we forgot at times to laugh and be one…..

* Arkells: Canadian Juno winning band hailing from Hamilton Ontario

* Stantz/ Bill Murray: Ray Stantz portrayed by Canadian actor Dan Ackroyd in Ghostbusters. Bill Murray an American actor who portrayed Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters. A scene for the movie was shot outside the National Public Library in New York

This Is Our Poem

Where the words fail
the music picks up
and you realize it’s team work
a ‘wolf pack’ – a Boyden description.
Bring us into the moment
and let’s remember the imagination
these drawings on the interior cave
the spark from first fire of the night
on a hill in Algonquin
a Bon Echo wall holding our pools
-this crackling up into the stars…

Strum it all out
when the words fail
when it’s scratching the moment.
We’ll dance as lobster men and women on a canvas
forgetting our figures and joining our shadows.
The painting will continue and even it takes a generation –
the next ‘us’ will come along and understand
reinterpreting the song
reinterpreting the

* ‘wolf pack’ – A Boyden description: Joseph Boyden is a famous Canadian writer. As the Tragically Hip prepared to end their 2016 tour in Kingston Ontario – Boyden described the band as a wolf pack surrounding and protecting lead singer Gord Downie as he sang on stage for what could be the last time….

* Algonquin/Bon Echo: two Canadian parks

* Lobster men and women: Henri Matisse a famous painter created two paintings entitled ‘Dance’ and ‘Music’. In the first piece figures are shown dancing in a circle holding hands. In the second piece figures are shown playing instruments. Because of the red pigments used – the figures look to be very orange – some have referred to the figures as ‘lobster men’…..

Where the mind will take us……

Marina Abramović’s – Imponderabilia – Kitchen
art gallery domestication
squeeze – between – your eyes
push past
turn your head and cough


then swim Rio
swim 2016 against taboo
against ego
searching a smooth ride
a glide – a race
between two smiles


let’s go to the museum tonight
wear baggie – ideas
and pretend we don’t see
art on walls
standing on arched – floors


syllabus – UN – Dennis Lee
i’ll stay home
and read…….

* Marina Abramović is a Yugoslav performance artist based in New York. Her work explores the relationship between performer and audience, breaking many taboos in some of the shows presented regarding the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

* Swim Rio – Regarding 2016 summer Olympics in Rio

* Swim 2016 against taboo – Fu Yuanhui a Chinese swimmer in the Rio Olympics has made headlines regarding certain ‘female’ taboos

* between two smiles – During the men’s 200-meter semifinal race, Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse nearly caught up with the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt. Bolt gave a glance and a grin, as the two crossed the finish line smiling and laughing

* Dennis Lee – famous Canadian poet. Wrote a book of poetry entitled, ‘UN’ which Quill and Quire wrote, ‘ UN, is no book for children. Unless, that is, you think children should be prepared for 21st-century adulthood with frank discussions of cultural brain-death and planetary extinction.’

The Kid from Caroline (for Das Hip as Man Machine Poem Tour closes in Kingston Ontario)

i’m going to dance with words
lost in the skates of Browning
a riff in the arena snow against the boards –
quietly whisper as the crowd roars
wish Summer would end before Labour Day
before Rio ’16…drive this Frankford Road into the bend
return from Marmora St. and this Trenton birthplace demolition –
take that bend at your 50km start and picture a White Pine Casson.
know 200 km away – the Ex will keep Fall at bay
while i flip car tape over to side ‘B’ – listen to an orchestra
think of reinterpretation in nature – Ribeiro, Browning
Rolling Stone – endless Canada….

* Kurt Browning (Canadian figure skater) – also known as ‘The kid from Caroline’ because of his hometown in Caroline Alberta. 4-Time World Champion, 4-Time Canadian Champion, 3-Time Olympic Team Member, 3-Time World Professional Champion, First man to land a quadruple jump in competition….skated to a piece by The Tragically Hip entitled, ‘Antares’, written especially for him, and produced in a 9 hour jam session in New Orleans. The piece was to have lyrics but never did.

* Labour Day/ Ex – Canadian holiday. The Canadian National Exhibition, also known as The Ex, an annual event that takes place at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario, during the 18 days leading up to and including Canadian Labour Day Monday.

* Rio ’16 – 2016 Summer Olympics

* Frankford Road – a stretch of road which runs along the Trent Severn into Trenton Ontario

* Marmora St. – a street in Trenton Ontario next to the birth place of Canadian poet Al Purdy on Main Street in Trenton.

* White Pine Casson – ‘White Pine’ is a painting by Group of Seven member, A J Casson.

* Orchestra/ Ribeiro – Walt Ribeiro is an American composer of classical music.He created a piece using ‘Blow at High Dough’ by Canadian Rock band The Tragically Hip

*Rolling Stone – Rolling Stones are a famous British rock group – said to be a major influence over members of the Tragically Hip

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