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Martin Durkin To Be Part of New Anthology


Flash Fiction Magazine and 101 Word Stories has confirmed that Martin Durkin will be part of their 2017 Anthology.

A specific publishing date will be announced shortly but Durkin has confirmed that his story “Matisse and the Modelling Nun” will be part of the series and available through Amazon, Apple, Kobo and other publication sale sites.

Inspired by the story surrounding artist Henri Matisse and Sister Jacques-Marie, Durkin decided to write a simple 101 word essay regarding their relationship.

“The idea behind the piece was not to go into great detail about the pair but to write something simple and intriguing enough that perhaps the reader would then want to go on and learn more – if – they don’t already know about their inspiring relationship” says Durkin.

More details to come…..


Personal Strength

Poetry of the canvas
paint the body of words
wordless in body
speechless everything
until you weep
or laugh

I said its a mindset
you said no its cultural
a Culture shock
i said
no its still personal
a battle within
it’s heart break
or heart strong –
it’s a mind set

The dream world
the surreal
higher plain
another dimension
death b4 death
after death
the dyslexic genius
the individual
the cultured group en masse
not ready….but a few
a forever thought imaginings


wear your sexy socks
nothing else
up to the knees
maybe slightly past –

perhaps a string waistline
below the string


give me you

warm in a terry cloth robe
i’ll bring you a mug of tea
relax on the cushions
raise a fire
and sit back in unison

give me


growing old
youthful in world adventure
leave the camera behind
private stories discussed when we
come back home


in your terry cloth


bringing over 2 mugs
2 pair of socks
between our warmed ideas
in the winter’d home


roll the ink on my palms
and press me.
olive oil and ink me onto the paper
a vogue moment.
– pay me gold in newsprint
a thousand words etched across my body
successfully selling the truth of who

what (do) you want me to be (?)

in thought of mind
this heart inside your artist soul

(a)muse me
((a))muse yourself

we are one
-lost between the lines

Sleep til Morn

push around the pushing sound
cushion wind – the door
closing – close the night on moon to
– you and me sleep and swim these sheets
under stars November night to light
morning asking
moon forgetting – relenting
morning sun
– rise and rising over home
chimney furnace on hallway floors
blanket – sheets
cushion sound – open
bedroom door.

2 particular stations….

in Toronto
they change-up the radio talk show hosts
almost every 6 months

it keeps thing fresh on the station
brings new callers and ideas

but in this small burg….
15 or 20 or 45 years of the same damn thing

“We’re not Toronto folks
we’re not Ottawa
hell we’re not even Kingston!”

o my…
buddy –
you’re not even close…..

Summer Night

last nite i dreamed you
with doors wide
out past the foreign tongue patio
onto the sails
the harbour water quiet
night black without the lamplight

then the moon

the french doors – my russian
apt height by 2
shadows of nothingness danger
– welcome it all in


i invite you and all your trouble
we’ll share this thing
our thing

mine combine with yours –


last night i dreamed you
with doors wide
the water below
sailboats docking a sound

quiet feet around my bed…..

*Summer Night: a portrait by Russian painter Sergei Arsenevich Vinogradov – 1915.

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