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What’s a Verb Word for a Poet Who Wants to Sound Academic?

God threatens winter
grey supernatural – what’s the word?
i need a 10 dollar verb sound….
7 am rolling digital red – a better word for red?
and i roll over to touch a woman who
grabs the hand and does not want to hear a thing.
my fingers are splayed over a small planet
a flat stomach growing hungry for tea and warm porridge
this belly button where the apple tree was once rooted –
but i promise her peaches and cream or maple cinnamon.
leave the bed – leave the curtains
creak the hall floors and flick the kitchen to life.
there is no instant heat in the house
electrical element slowly wakes
while she stirs 75 feet away.
what’s a stronger word than orange?
steeped from pekoe to Earl Grey
while i stir spoon – her grand duke
poor milk to cool the porridge
and keep the bears in hibernation
while we steal a portion of the morning
before work


The final Season…

The heart of the day
snow less – snowy owl – dog sleigh
The white of the punch
headlights crafting a roadway crunch

4:30 blossom
the Canadian descend
Grey guttered lights
early nights – Christmas of din

The talk talk talk
conversation begins
December – January’s – Niagara
’17 calendar and the

Flip – Flip – Flip
numberin’ 12 seasons

on earth our heaven
waiting but not waiting
nor hesitating
life wasting
knowing heaven
ocean risen

in the mix

the batter lift
the oven light
darkest night
lantern lit
gold coins – none are hid

a touch of blood

golden cross
empty cavern
sleeping garden
unknown gardener
3 days of sleep
3 sleeps – Christmas sheep

in the end

there’s earth forgiven
heaven leavened

bread of men
bread of women

a drink – lifted sin and
you and me

the way it’s always been

tail to the wind – the hill – the view…..

some of it’s here
and some of it’s gone
but don’t you know
i’ve never belonged
to some of the towns
lost inside my mind

but when the horses were laced
and in the saddle we placed
the memory of the west was divine

so it’s a toast to then
and a toast to the lost
and it’s a smile and a bit of goodbye

the sun is setting
and the memories are smells
lost in pictures not hung
in the leather and inside this life

some of it remains
and some of it’s gone
but some of the travellin’
still lost on the memory
is natures divide….

demo tapes

molar of mouth
in mind – a diamond size gold rush
inner meanings of nothing and the waltz

follow the out takes
the demo tapes
your notebook flushing out

clench cheek n’ teeth
chip – chipped molar
fill in with gold – start again

grind out


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