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when the Temp reaches 36 degrees

she’s going to fight it – the entire way
empty dryer spinning
washer machine with open lid.

she’s on her side
and her eyes are opening.
she has slept night long
and the meadow background shines.

but here tucked under fern
drumming your missing rib
she smirks and quotes Dylan
says ‘read me some Thomas’

tell me about his version of Adam
and his version of Eve.

tells you whether inside the gated community
or on the outskirts
her day won’t begin until someone apologizes
to her…..


God is Ready to Present His Findings

eve looks over her shoulder
Spain – rooftop – the public shower
above the treeline.

her skin
is now a full day sun
a toaster
an oven door cooling in the kitchen
dishes ready to be
washed in the sink.

no one is there when she looks over her shoulder

the ocean is not heard in the background
trees stand still as her only audience.

on the street
passing the same building
Adam searches the tourists

passing the open door
he hears the shower
and realizing the ocean no longer moves
he pauses
and realizes the trees no longer sway

he has found her

and God
is now certain

they belong together…..

The Woodpile

i’m chopping wood
and in the middle of the chore
i’m thinking about you.
mind it travels during the menial tasks
and solves math problems
sentences that won’t work in a story.
there is no half ass reversal of the sexes
the swing of the axe – is the swing of the axe.
but the thought of sex
comes to mind
the idea of love vs. hard work
and I suppose
hard work vs. good effort.
are worth the effort
and that’s a separate matter from hard

the woodpile is finished now
i sling the shirt over my bare shoulder
know that supper is bubbling on the stove
and that you will need a few cords to keep the
keep the fireplace going

but not the home fires.

and the summer cabin smells good
it smells simple
and of pine and some left over cedar
sparking safely behind iron doors.
smile as i enter the cabin shadow
back lit by a 5pm sun bouncing off the lake.

which one of us has the shirt off?
which one has been cooking supper?

it doesn’t matter.

we are one….
and that takes only effort
a desire
to be more than we are
beyond the everything
which we began
on our own….


sleep down in the deep sheets
you have pulled on my ribs all night
morn is here – sun through the blinds
a piece of myself is missing as i leave the bed


you will travel once more without me

Eden is a mindset
as we lay there in the impressions of the quilt
when i stand and look over – you turn and press your hand


still closed still knowing the trip that must take place

yet in three months time
i will join you – and my rib will be put back
you won’t search the left side in your sleep
and God won’t see either of us as lonely

Eden is where you and I sleep.

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