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if you lay on this bed as a
distraction, this argument will not end
if you lay on this bed,
this argument –
on the bed as… a… distraction,
this… argument…
on… the bed… this



A Ukulele for pen and paper

at the window
they shot the kid
on the bus
right thru the eye
but windows are bullet proof
your little ones can never die

he looks out through
the spider scratch
he’s a pirate an FBI
so buy more ammo
and saddle up
the Kid is riding

eye for an eye

your schools are safe
your buses yellow
the cross walk to the halls
teaches armed
and police are brave
shot for shot
America heeds the call

the tobacco board
the fire arms
and people who fear
all line up and look back through
to the kid on the bus
and the bullet he never knew

say a prayer
our thoughts are with you
put the news beside the weather
one more dead it doesn’t matter
you got your liberty on paper

thru the window
they shot the kid
through the school bus
thru the eye
nothing’s fool proof

except the fools who let him die
eye for an eye

saddle up
heaven tonight
the kid has a long ride……

…oh your skin

your skin is fine leather
if leather were velvet

you know life
the soft press under harsh conditions

you could be the girl in the long grass
tender blades with legs tucked under in razor form

touch the sun
know fire can not burn or tame

vulnerable fighter
positions posed for the life class

gloves placed on the hands
your skin

oh your skin…..

i will miss you all

gawd dang it
what is it with me and names
family tradition
can’t remember a persons name
some son bitch
(perch) can’t fully swear says grandma)
but i can remember their nick names
and ppl i really enjoy being around
i call them by another name
cuz you know
they look alike
that mick-irish-pollock-italian lover of records and wine
and women……
who was a great friend to have in seafood
taking care of the old ladies while
standing on guard at the club
while the ghost of Miles played
protecting the Brinks truck
Fuck me – I mean that gawd dang perch
it’s a family thing
i’m not going insane
it’s not too many beers
and it’s not you

i love you (all)



the stress the sleep the lack the need the worry the frust
the wait the wonder the game the hurry the ups the downs
the all round
the what’s the who’s the 4’s the money the baby
the building the medicine the restructuring the hustle the pleasing
the voices the night the moon the sun the alarm the job
the time the quality the Sunday’s.
the lunches the suppers the coffee the tea’s the treats the diets the cleaning the garbage the recycling the snow the rain the driveway the car the you the me the snoring the windows the radio the laundry the dog the t.v the shows the movies the doc’s the restlessness the city the town
the isolation the boredom the trip the memories the pictures the reality.


singing painter

if i were a decent photographer
I would be schooled by Man Ray
you would be my Marlene Dietrich inspiration…

as much as you enjoy singing
i’m not that inclined to go beyond digital

…just point and shoot
as any monkey

in the mirror

do you love me
do you love me?
am i beautiful
enough for you?

am i strong
are you warm?
am i smart
smart enough?

build a fire
prove your warmth
fill the tub
take a chair
command the desk

know yourself

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