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she laughs and says
hows this
hugging her own model
it’s not a question it’s a
measuring herself against your reaction.

it’s a world of crime and fashion
your halter top gun holster
tells her you’re a man worth pursuing
there’s no Matt Dillon here
no John Wayne wannabe



an Al Capone kinda character
better than Pretty Boy who can’t handle
his tommy

she laughs and offers you a drink
black and night and see through
closing the blinds
tossing the ice cubes overboard

she’s asked you
because she can see….

*Alisa: Alisa Verner is a photographer


Jimmy and Hank

I wish i could sketch
scribble figures on the side of pages
see beyond the words like Buk
posing his fat self with a cigarette and triple X of booze

in there would be you
when the words cannot describe
on a stool thinking for me while i sit in a bar
and listen to the floor boards
listen to Jimmy on the fiddle missing his brother
and then scribbling the ghost of himself on a napkin
or a ship leaving the east coast

sometimes it is as they say
a picture is worth a thousand words
because it can say everything without one line mentioned
-only the artists name and even then when it’s a scribble
theres like nothing but a memory lying inside the 30 second drawing.

* Buk: Hank Chinaksi or Charles Bukowski or Uncle Buk….same man same scribbler same poet……

* Jimmy: Member of the famous Canadian band from the east coast known as the Rankin Family. Jimmy Rankin also has a solo career. Before music his first interest was in becoming an artist of a different sort….his sketches can be found inside some of his album covers….

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