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if i’m an angel on fire
lost in the woods –
clear the trees away so
i can take in flight


the wolves are gathering closer
Egon Schiele imagines Bosch work
i’m cutting off my ear
trying to out run the gold field


if there’s an angel on fire
save his wings for proper burial
these images are disturbing
your words are finally painting


the nazis are getting closer
the artwork is now their work
sealed up in salt caves
you won’t see me ’til the roll away


if i’m an angel on fire
clear a path so i can save us
if you lead me i will follow
if you need me … but if you need


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Do we understand yet…

is the season of the tamarack
yellow gods inside a grey forecast
all this jaded rock
along the highway and tracks

it disappears
into the wilderness
takes 2 travelers

one child – one man

2 jean jacket souls
won’t trav-alone.

no longer cold

is the haunting forest before the snow
haunting age of age-less-ness
October fore the poppy – November before the ‘Tis….

it all disappears
into the wilderness of the north
only north Ontario
but breaks across a nation-in-a-nation.

’tis the season of the tamarack
poking an undecided forecast.
all this iron – rock
leaving sharp the highway –

What if…..O Canada

What if a beautiful naked woman had risen out of the one the death pools at
Or started climbing the hill at Vimy?
Slipping in the ugly mess of death and corpses rotting
as they lay unknowingly creating a foundation to call Canada?

if she had bubbled out of the ground as life vs death?
amongst the clothing and the stink
bullets whizzing and limbs no more?

Would everything had halted for a moment?
a Christmas eve carol – O Silent Night?

A mother in a forest cabin telling the opposition
they will Sit and Eat at her table together
and leave separately in the morning

Would the fighting still have continued?
war and death still more beautiful on hand
or at 30 thousand feet?

up close?

Would Canadian forces have been called Storm troopers?
Would Vimy sit in an Ottawa Museum reflecting the death and
heroes of the past?

What if a beautiful naked woman…
What if a woman in blue with the voice of a Mary
What if a sauntering walk…
What if love was held out…..

What would Canada mean today?

A simple tune….

just relax
just relax.

it’s only life
only life

just relax
just relax

it’s only life
only life

nothing good
nothing good

nothing good
nothing good

came from worry
came from worry

nothing good
nothing good

if you messed up

try again
try again

you messed up

try again
try again

just relax
just relax

it’s only life
only life

just relax
just relax

it’s only life
it’s only life

so just relax

You’re only human
only human

just relax
just relax

you’re only human
only human

and just listen
just listen

to the strum
to the strum

close your eyes
close your eyes……..

humble love

these treasure-coins won’t be buried under X.
with wings i wouldn’t travel to heaven first.
won’t hand back either before they’re used.
humbled love – grown and shared.

understanding gratitude
loving you never ages
but it makes me a wiser man
loving isn’t always easy
but it’s a gift from you I could never hand back

you place the nail
i’ll the hang the picture
hold out your hand
i’ll share the rings

as the light rises
it never fades at sunset
the coin catches a glint at either – or
…lets fly awhile before heaven calls us home.

4 W’s and an H

What do poetry readings and
church mass times have in common?

drawing the same size crowd.

How does a Canadian musician
earn a million bucks?

starts out with two mill.

Who can get away with violence towards a woman
while a an actor cannot?

a politician.

Where does one go to hear a large crowd worshipping
and calling out the Lord’s name?

a sports arena.

Why do any of these questions matter
to anyone who reads them?

they don’t…….

When your fate of being is not your state of being….

is there purgatory
or fire insurance


good deeds for the sake of good deeds
or simplified

pure goodness.

is there opportunity afterwards
or opportunity now

a waiting room
or a terminal


a place where you wait
but redeem yourself in kindness while

waiting on a train or

a plane.

Is now what you get
and the act of contrition must be pure


as the act of human beaviour
must come from an honest place

because in the end
fire insurance and purgatory

just doesn’t mean

what we think
it might mean….

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