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Dear David

are your feet as damaged as they say
all these years of holding strong
are you still trying to write psalms
or are you singing with leonard
are you still dreaming of the bathing girl
do you feel exposed
or aroused
inadequate to this new generation.
are you proud of the lions mane
was it difficult to take goliath down
did michael talk to you
or only god
and what about angelo
do you wish you had a green leaf
or a crown
has it humbled you
or put you closer to heaven
did god forgive you
do you think your feet will heal?

David: David is a masterpiece created in marble by the artist Michelangelo. The statue represents the Biblical hero David, a favoured subject in the art of Florence.David was originally commissioned as one of a series of statues of prophets to be positioned along the roofline of the east end of Florence Cathedral, but was instead placed in a public square, outside the Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of civic government in Florence.

Leonard: Leonard Cohen’s famous song “Hallelujah” makes many references David. The opening line evokes the tradition of David as a musician and composer “Now I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord.” But throughout Cohen’s song, David the musician shares the stage with David the lover/adulterer as in this retelling of 2Sam 11-12: “Your faith was strong but you needed proof. You saw her bathing roof. Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew ya,”

Feet: (In 1991) The statue of David was damaged in a Florence museum when a man described as deranged broke part of a toe with a hammer. Officials at the Galleria dell’Accademia museum said the damage was reparable since all the fragments from the shattered toe had been collected.


God before Jesus

even God has to admit she looks beautiful.
yoga ballet stance in the sunrise
on the dock
cat tails spiking out of the pool.
but enough to forgive?
maybe he’ll think about it.
think of way to connect and understand the why?
his angry side still says
I Brought You Into This World I Can Take You Out
that sounds a little too cliche

says God

– God Says…..

if i could

i would carve your muse
from a body of great rock
taller than the statue of David.
i would lay you down in new odalisque
to chisel
a 90 foot lady Jesus
surrounded by a country of water.

your bellybutton would become a hot tub
the circle of your breasts would be a map to inner peace
a place to walk around until the question was understood.
in your eyes would be the star gazing blue i have alway seen
a place to travel by sea or air or out beyond milky way
searching for more than overall life.

to some

you would be a pulp masterpiece
a 50 foot woman ready to eat Tokyo’s California
to others you would be perverse and need to be covered before
tourists came to Vienna.

the swell of your curve to backside
would be a place for a hammock
where i could read to us at night
wishing you were real.

When the sculpture was finished
i would wipe my brow and rest the towel over my shoulder
look back over to realize the real you

my better half – muse
and realize indeed
you are real.


i would start again
with a new piece of stone
and carve myself to rest beside the resting you.

then we would leave
the real me
and the real

we would walk hand in hand
up a snowy closed down street
a hill between stores and restaurants sleeping
a winter dream.

and in the silence of the night sound
i would look up to the sky
watch the stars
and then look back deeply inside you
completing the one thing i will always do……

*taller than the statue of David: The statue is 5.17m

*a 20ft lady Jesus: Christ the Redeemer is an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It over looks the city and water. The statue is 30m. The arms stretch 28m wide.

* A 50 foot woman: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is a 1958 independent American black-and-white science fiction film

Crows Wings

If life was a bird
would it free me to fly
or do i have to wait
to see my after life

is death nothing-blackness
or inside wings of a crow
do we remember what they see
do we know what they know

let me be your king fisher
or a punch-card young loon
let me call before i dive
and i will swim as i fly

is it best of both worlds
sky and the lake
2 birds one stone
don’t forget the 3rd take

is there life after life
the nothingness sky
silence of great lakes
will i learn how to fly

A conversation between Charles and Miles

don’t call me a poet
i’m a writer – taking another drink
stroking the cat while the neighbours hate my music.
don’t call me a jazz player
i’m a friggin musician who plays the trumpet – points bullets at record execs
calls Evans ‘whitey’ and hushes ‘whitey’ til we’re alone on the phone.

call me a social writer.
I write for me but don’t kid yourself – it’s because i want you to want me
(not really – i kid) i want you to buy me a drink and then go away.
call me a social musician.
i’m on stage and i’m not competing with my mates
(the only man to scare me was Brown.)
I’m at the Vanguard
or inside Birdland
i’m being hassled by the cops between sets
and i ask you….how social is that?

-hey hank?
-hey Dewey….

would you ever put me in one of your posies?
No Dewey – you’ve already put one out there on me
because I AM the original jack johnson
and I AM why the bitches brew…..and i’m not one
to play fair…..its why writers are the true


* Charles (Hank) Bukowski hated being called a poet preferring the term WRITER while Miles Dewey Davis III hated being labeled a jazz performer and much preferred the looser or more freeing term – musician.

* Bukowski was an avid lover of Chopin and a house full of cats and many many drinks.

*Davis once threatened a record exec with a revolver in order to get his recording tapes back from the studio. He recorded 2 famous albums JACK JOHNSON and BITCHES BREW.

* Bill ‘Whitey’ Evans was a famous jazz pianist who helped compose the Miles Davis album KIND OF BLUE. Because of the era many musicians felt that ‘white boy’ had no business being part of Miles’ band. While Miles in the studio would call Evans ‘Whitey’ or shush Evans on occasions – he made it known that Evans was the best pianist in the business. At night the pair would converse between their homes over the phone new compositions by playing their instruments over the lines in creativity.

* The only man to scare me was Brown: It was rumoured that Miles Davis did not like playing alongside fellow trumpeter Clifford Brown because he felt Brown was superior at the time.

or maybe Janis was just being Joplin

Janis Joplin stares at you
with nipples stabbing through beads over
her naked body.
those eyes stab equally almost asking
‘which would you rather – my voice or the male norm?’
after the shoot – after the bottle
the voice cracks from too much of a good thing
or too much need – losing sadness
and when you hear that voice
see that freedom with a deeper question
you understand
‘Me and Bobby Mcgee’
wondering what was lost…..

Janis Joplin stares at you: a photo by famous photographer Bob Seidemann the portrait was taken in 1969 although not published until 1972.

Me and Bobby McGee: A song written and performed by Kris Kristofferson. It was also sung by Janis Joplin and released by Columbia records

Another ice storm taps on the windows

The bright maple sun of the electric seagull
how she curves in a smoothness
shapes all her own sound – unique
her top body slopes around and upwards
a perfect plum breast – handful
and skis underneath to the same style bottom – curve
fitting into palm of hand as real as any woman
capable of sliding away if not held properly – loved
she is a Canadian Hawaiian dancing in grass
singing to Uncle Jerry who here is – Gordie
and while not built for or from an island
hears the Quebec tones of individuality – togetherness.
in the winter time
while snow and ice beat against a Northern window – darkness
she will strum and warm this musical house
-musically home.

*Bright maple sun of the electric seagull:1982 Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitars in the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. Today the Seagull company makes electric ukes with solid maple body with a solid spruce top

*Singing to Uncle Jerry: Norman Keith Collins was a prominent American tattoo artist, famous for his tattooing of sailors; he was also known as “Sailor Jerry”. One of his most famous tattoos that of the dancing Hawaiian girl with a uke is used on the label of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum.

*Singing to….who here is – Gord: Satired on such Canadian Shows as SCTV or elsewhere on CBC – Gord in Canadian lore is considered one of the most Canadian names – even though it is not.

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