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Our Change – Getaway Ride

I love you (It’s a train)
I love you (It’s a train)
(I love you) We’re a train
(I love you) It’s a train

Separate days (Separate ways)
Separate nights (Separate sleeps)
(Separate things) (Sep-ar-ate)
Separate lives – separate waves

I love you (It’s a train)
I love you (It’s a train)
(I love you) We’re a train
(I love you) It’s a train

Come together (In our ways)
Come together (Some are days)
Come together (Central ways)
(Come together – Nights for days)

It’s a train It’s a train
It’s A Train-We’re A Train
Were A Train-It’s A Train
I love you (babe) Steady Train


(d) not (-)

you asked me if i love you
i said ‘permit me 50 more years
i can’t quit you’

sat down in the living room
had a coffee in the morning cool

i asked if you love me
you said ‘say the 2 words
i love to hear’

poured a second cup
and the candles warmed the room

. . .

the turn table is skipping now
this record has proved its years
so i wash her record gently
the needle can keep us both moving

we took the couch together
and Saturday was too young to decipher

‘baby are we still in love with each other’
because i think this is something better
the college internship is completed
and its the roots that prove our foundation

the record can’t turn itself over
and we stand up together


‘where will side B take us’
lover i’ve never worried –
all the cares and worries in the world
they just interfere with the song……………….

I Must Learn The Difference Between A crow And A raven

The crow has been on my mind as of late
– though up here in the north maybe we call them ravens.
the idea of their communicative intelligence
all seeing eyes
sin watchers

i’ve heard that death follows soon
if you catch one watching you too long
– but from where did i hear that?
old wives tale

supper time window through childhood cedars
they gave flight over home corral down south.
red skies pink before night fall
and i would think –
or would i feel…
who remembers

There’s something more to crow/ravens
That they’re not saying.

the job now continues on while they stare down in parking lot
no real line work to this or flight path for them.
just observant blackness
on an otherwise normal

We’re in Good Hands (or we can be)

and bukowski said,

made many poets, but
not much good poetry

God sat back after 188 days and said,

somehow made many politicians but
little good politics has come from this

Downie looked up to the rafters and said,

I think
he’s the man to do something
he’ll be here for 12 more years.

I don’t think any of them were correct (or incorrect)
Buk and Gord
aren’t God and even God has to admit….

nothing really –
that’s why he’s

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