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if this is what we are arguing about i’d say we are in good shape

we have nothing in common
is that our commonality?

i hate Warhol!
he was boring and cliche

i hate Kerouac
he was talking about a fly!

it was a fucking banana on an album!

it was Velvet Underground asshole!

he made a soup can famous
and was given money to shoot the empire state building for 24 hours

your guy bummed his way across the States
and called it art

my guy was the voice of his generation

so was my guy

your guy was dismantled by Dali!

your guy was dismantled by a beer can!

honey –

honey i love you
i love you too but you’re inspired by people who are dead

Warhol is dead!
i like living people

wanna go to an art show?

can we listen to some downloads on the way there?
downloads about what?



News Report Update on Union Talks

the tulip factory is laying off workers
underground machinery has stalled
as well as talks.
the weatherman wasn’t much of a mediator
and now God and Mother nature are even farther apart in negotiations.
Critics says Spring may be cancelled altogether this year
and Summer tempratures will be ushered in to bring productions back up.
Until then
the snow will continue to fall and the grounds will stay frozen.
all bulbs waiting under the grass will have to wait for a resolution
before grooming the gardens
can begin.

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