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sleep down in the deep sheets
you have pulled on my ribs all night
morn is here – sun through the blinds
a piece of myself is missing as i leave the bed


you will travel once more without me

Eden is a mindset
as we lay there in the impressions of the quilt
when i stand and look over – you turn and press your hand


still closed still knowing the trip that must take place

yet in three months time
i will join you – and my rib will be put back
you won’t search the left side in your sleep
and God won’t see either of us as lonely

Eden is where you and I sleep.


Just Like Now

there’s Eve
off picking apples (defiant woman)
smelling flowers – her fear lost

oh sure

the kids are clothed and fed
but still
it takes guts to plant an apple tree
knowing what it cost

but there i think

she prays in the afternoon
when the sun is setting
the kids have been fed (again)
not quite bath time

and there she’ll be
just like now….

Belly Ring Coffee

the flower is at her hand
the window is reflecting a glint
– a belly ring thru morning sunlight.
she is looking out at the bridge
listening to the bath tub – fill
she stares
wondering about time.

it’s time for coffee
time for the early edition
time to slide into the porcelain bed.

the flowers continue to reach from the pot
and her hand comforts them.
her fingers click the latch
the window slides down and cuts off the Fall air.

she leaves the window
as the coffee maker clicks
faucets are turned left
and the paper slides under the door.

the flowers twist back into position
and the bridge continues with morning traffic.
a small spoon dings inside a stirring cup

a small ripple is heard.


she ducks into the brush
and i am the ghost that remembers her
green leaves at dusk
a rutted tractor trail with apple tree puddles of mud
i chase after her
but never find her
remembering only the back of her beautiful form bending through
the branches of the night before frost in October


before the elephant:
her beauty is astounding
stretching under tree
in a jungle before the plains open
to her eyes

her flat belly
her belly button skin

my woman
my wife

you are not eve
and i am not adam


you stand at the mouth of the jungle
and i am waiting out here on the plains

after the elephant:
your beauty more than astounding
and the travel we have seen

i let you ride on your own
watch the elephant drop you off at the
beginning of the jungle


if you turn and look at me before going back in
i know everything will be alright

before the elephant:
she leans from branch
pulling her body in a stretch
and smiles seeing me on the plains
standing by the elephant
i know when the day is over

she will be happy

and she turns around….

whose fault is it in the end

eve is on the ground

amongst the fallen apples
if i can just find the one – i could hang it back on the tree
adam comes along
his temper walked off
and gets down on all fours with her
we’ll look together
we’re in this together

would garden be surrounded by block or foliage

if the garden had been in Canada,
would maple trees be for wardrobe or
would Lake Ontario be too cold
would winter mean a sojourn across the
land bridge
a return flight in spring for
better fruit
would you count each others ribs
and caress the jawbone in sorrow
when future brought, harsh reality
would scholars still debate truth vs genesis
or examine texts for hints of
would east become west
north move further south
would artifacts be better preserved in
ice, under rock or in cave
would fire come sooner with greater
would you still hide?

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