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roll the ink on my palms
and press me.
olive oil and ink me onto the paper
a vogue moment.
– pay me gold in newsprint
a thousand words etched across my body
successfully selling the truth of who

what (do) you want me to be (?)

in thought of mind
this heart inside your artist soul

(a)muse me
((a))muse yourself

we are one
-lost between the lines


Belly Ring Coffee

the flower is at her hand
the window is reflecting a glint
– a belly ring thru morning sunlight.
she is looking out at the bridge
listening to the bath tub – fill
she stares
wondering about time.

it’s time for coffee
time for the early edition
time to slide into the porcelain bed.

the flowers continue to reach from the pot
and her hand comforts them.
her fingers click the latch
the window slides down and cuts off the Fall air.

she leaves the window
as the coffee maker clicks
faucets are turned left
and the paper slides under the door.

the flowers twist back into position
and the bridge continues with morning traffic.
a small spoon dings inside a stirring cup

a small ripple is heard.

Searching For Pinterest Ideas

What if you carried a jug of water on your shoulders?
were to hold a cloth over my biceps?

I could be your stoic statue
a Roman comic with shield or Greek mythos
Hercules and his lion

my lioness?

What if you were to dance
a french replacement with banana waistline
wishing for home and singing 12 weeks?

All these silly questions
with summer naked in our mouths
stolen lines and ideas
Canadian or world bound

my wife?

We lay here lazy on a Saturday
reading too much and fixing dinner ideas
I should drop into single word thoughts


a bird
a lion

a bear
a dove

a husband
his wife…..

No Goodbyes….

Lucien Freud paints the women – men.
clinging to his leg with affirmations of non adieu
they ask ‘ why can’t you make us a more
Madeleine Plantey – caught in the moment of innocent morning?’
but Freud knows he’s not the man to ask.
‘just lay on the couch ’til something gives – i’ve got brushes ready
to change things a bit’.

on the balcony at 81×100 cm
people commence to bid

Pinterest starts the auction of jealousy
before Flickr and Instagram take charge

begin the art of intimate behaviour
Nu Au Balcon – or – Portrait of The Hound

or perhaps tonight instead –
we could sit down and face our moonlit gold
speak in the Chicago silence and prove we are more than
tonight we could balance the language of ourselves
and leave the references behind. We could erase the
and choose neither artist nor country –
tonight – and no

* Lucien Frued: was widely considered the pre-eminent British artist of his time. One of his paintings was entitled ‘Portrait of the Hound’

* Madeleine Plantey: Famous French painter. One of her paintings was entitled ‘Nu Au Balcon’

240 Drawings per Month….for Eight Years

‘you can’t do fashion and not know
famine models exorcising demons in shades
forcing you to look at yourself in mirror
see the parts as they are
all the insides of ruin and beauty
that becomes you

Rachel’s plays their anguish for Egon
saying ‘EGON see us as you saw her’ –
your bride cut down in youth – your love following days later

at the runway – on the runway
“that’s what you can do if you really love what you’re doing.”
and they know you can’t complete fashion
without Egon scaring you a little

the exhibition place
is all underground with England
saying ‘you can’t showcase that!’
but why
and why not push the boundaries of the
comfortable you
if it means you look at yourself and tuck it in
saving for someone other than yourself –
something more than today and the free give away

you can’t do fashion
you can’t complete life – not knowing yourself
while Egon looks around and says

“I shall be the fruit which will leave eternal vitality behind
even after its decay.”

* Quote by Sue Dray – fashion illustrator and course leader London College of fashion: “that’s what you can do if you really love what you’re doing.”

* Instrumental group Rachel’s: The album entitled ‘Music for Egon Schiele’ was composed as the score to Stephan Mazurek’s theatrical production, Egon Schiele, about the life of the painter.

* Note: Schiele’s wife/muse Edith Harms died of spanish flu in October 1918. Schiele would follow her 3 days later.

* Over his 8 year career it is believed that he created 240 pcs of art per month…including 3 pieces in the days leading up to his death.

*Egon Schiele quote: “I shall be the fruit which will leave eternal vitality behind
even after its decay.”

Our Siesta Hour

Mona read to me
what is the book you have opened?
Mona stay as you are
just transcribe to me

I will sit on the floor of your room
while you lounge on your seat
while quilted birds sing in the background
as you read something new
opening world of words

Mona teach me a new language
languid woman of Lebanese
Mona don’t turn out the light
your words may cast fear in the dark

Mona which book next?
which chapter tomorrow
Mona read until i sleep
until i am ready to travel somewhere new…

* Mona Trad Dabaji graduated from the American University of Beirut, just as the civil war broke out in Lebanon. She currently lives and works in Beirut, where she has been teaching painting since 1993

*paintings for this poem: the Omar Khayyâm à l’Heure de la Sieste series

Sitting Alongside the Pond

I stare out at you
heaven reflects the water
do i still need to whisper?
Twilight Reflections
offering me answers
to questions i forgot to ask.
do you sit here beside me?
I Am
sitting beside

*Twilight Reflections is a photograph by photographer Michael Grace-Martin

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