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wear your sexy socks
nothing else
up to the knees
maybe slightly past –

perhaps a string waistline
below the string


give me you

warm in a terry cloth robe
i’ll bring you a mug of tea
relax on the cushions
raise a fire
and sit back in unison

give me


growing old
youthful in world adventure
leave the camera behind
private stories discussed when we
come back home


in your terry cloth


bringing over 2 mugs
2 pair of socks
between our warmed ideas
in the winter’d home


Just Like Now

there’s Eve
off picking apples (defiant woman)
smelling flowers – her fear lost

oh sure

the kids are clothed and fed
but still
it takes guts to plant an apple tree
knowing what it cost

but there i think

she prays in the afternoon
when the sun is setting
the kids have been fed (again)
not quite bath time

and there she’ll be
just like now….

The bookies assistant Part III

so the gun just sits there?

She’s an Amazonian warrior – i’m telling ya.


Ppl have gone into that house
and she’s been wearing war paint
chain mail underwear
and music in the background that sounds like – chanting


i’m telling ya – that gun
it’s never actually been cleaned
it just sits there on the table – for aesthetics

you mean like – just for looks?

Man – you tell me which would scare ya more…
a regular gun in yer face -or- someone who lives on a rumour.
a rumour that says the bookies assistant can eviscerate you….
quicker than a bullet can kill ya

i am. never. placing. a bet. again.

Not with her anyways.

240 Drawings per Month….for Eight Years

‘you can’t do fashion and not know
famine models exorcising demons in shades
forcing you to look at yourself in mirror
see the parts as they are
all the insides of ruin and beauty
that becomes you

Rachel’s plays their anguish for Egon
saying ‘EGON see us as you saw her’ –
your bride cut down in youth – your love following days later

at the runway – on the runway
“that’s what you can do if you really love what you’re doing.”
and they know you can’t complete fashion
without Egon scaring you a little

the exhibition place
is all underground with England
saying ‘you can’t showcase that!’
but why
and why not push the boundaries of the
comfortable you
if it means you look at yourself and tuck it in
saving for someone other than yourself –
something more than today and the free give away

you can’t do fashion
you can’t complete life – not knowing yourself
while Egon looks around and says

“I shall be the fruit which will leave eternal vitality behind
even after its decay.”

* Quote by Sue Dray – fashion illustrator and course leader London College of fashion: “that’s what you can do if you really love what you’re doing.”

* Instrumental group Rachel’s: The album entitled ‘Music for Egon Schiele’ was composed as the score to Stephan Mazurek’s theatrical production, Egon Schiele, about the life of the painter.

* Note: Schiele’s wife/muse Edith Harms died of spanish flu in October 1918. Schiele would follow her 3 days later.

* Over his 8 year career it is believed that he created 240 pcs of art per month…including 3 pieces in the days leading up to his death.

*Egon Schiele quote: “I shall be the fruit which will leave eternal vitality behind
even after its decay.”

Words of Wisdom (Happy Father’s Day)


in your effort
every hard put effort
your heart is seen
your heart is known

and the struggling will lighten
there will come joy with your juggling

keep the faith
in the darkness
keep the faith
-in your willingness…

the Lord is there
He is with you
the Lord is there
He’s telling you

with your every effort
your heart is seen

in all your juggling
your heart is seen

in all your struggling
the Lord He sees

there is an answer there for you…


your faith must be stronger than mine
i have prayed – and i know
i trust

you will worry yourself to death
praying and then spending the day in torment
your faith – you must listen to it

is that enough preaching from me for the moment?

my faith tells me to sit up and raise my head
go about the day and let it go
give it up to God

and your faith
must be stronger
than mine…


if in life you’re juggling
in life you’re struggling

don’t give up
keep daring
-greet everyone and smile

the Lord loves you today
He loves you beyond your death
in our humanity He is there

with your struggling
with your juggling

everyday on the hour
fighting in our demanding
not knowing the hour
-when will be the answer

don’t give up
keep on daring
every hour on the hour
trust in adoration and the hours

with your struggling
with your juggling

don’t give up
-greet everyone with a smile

every visit on the hour
with your struggling

…..with your juggling

Daddy Jazz Traveler

“What are you listening to Daddy?”

“That’s the wrong question my child – it’s not what am I listening to
it’s – where am I traveling to”

“Where are you traveling to Daddy?”

“I am spending a day in Paris with Mr. Clifford Brown.
Come child – dance with me and watch the scenery spill through his sounds.”

“Have you ever been to Paris Daddy?”

“Yes. Right now.”

“For real Daddy.”

“Child – for real.
I just left Montreal and I plan on going to New York next.”

“How you gonna do that Daddy?”

“By putting on another record baby girl.
I’ve got Wynton Marsalis at the Vanguard.
He’s on deck.
I’m going to close my eyes
and he’s going to remind me of a summer day on the sidewalk
with your mother.”

“How did you get to Montreal Daddy?”

“By train baby.
Came in underground and by foot
I danced my way into a club in the old town….
Hungarian place – with a Hungarian saxophone.
Horse drawn carriages out door by the St. Lawrence.
The saxophone was the right price – and it was richer than a carriage ride.
I danced your mother around a beer glass at a carved up table
before strolling through China town and hooking a left down RenĂ© to our hotel…”

“Why do you keep your eyes closed Daddy?”

“So I can picture your mother.
She’s sitting atop a piano
and I’m playing the keys looking into her deep star gazing blues.”

“Daddy – where is mommy today?”

She is behind you child –
step aside so i can pull Daddy away from the piano….
Clifford has a solo and I want to walk along the riverside.
You can walk with us and hold my hand while I hold Daddy’s.
This record is never going to skip a beat.”

sketch a paint – keep elbow near chin – keep knee in the bend – boar hair and properly aged pigment…

to paint the clean
you must unfold the dirty-
dirty only in the intent – juxt
even then () beauty is hidden

the everyday walk
the stereotype

around the home


the hard working dollar
the sitter unmoving

embarrassment? hell

    a proctologist with a thumb for detail

    mixing paint
    sorting brushes

    the heat
    the cold

    a cloth robe
    an audience working

    ‘the get over it moment’

    going beyond

    the eyes
    the structure
    the mood

    even the dirty holds beauty
    the human form moving () standing still

    playing the sport
    swimming free in the fly-sky

    moving the balcony
    tossing another drink

    the touch
    the skin
    the aging

    – looking inside the gallery
    20 years ago

    that was me
    just standing there still

    that was me
    just painting

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