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Belly Ring Coffee

the flower is at her hand
the window is reflecting a glint
– a belly ring thru morning sunlight.
she is looking out at the bridge
listening to the bath tub – fill
she stares
wondering about time.

it’s time for coffee
time for the early edition
time to slide into the porcelain bed.

the flowers continue to reach from the pot
and her hand comforts them.
her fingers click the latch
the window slides down and cuts off the Fall air.

she leaves the window
as the coffee maker clicks
faucets are turned left
and the paper slides under the door.

the flowers twist back into position
and the bridge continues with morning traffic.
a small spoon dings inside a stirring cup

a small ripple is heard.


more than just us….

bring me your human form as you understand it
let me wrap the leaf of myself around you
our heartbeats will fall into rhythm and the outside
world will ignore us as we ignore them.

outside world is waiting for us to complete ourselves
charcoal sketch of a small pause
then separate and continue moving forward before
we can return to be one again

and i am one with you
always with you where you go
separation is for the fearful and we showcase our fear
sculpt it into something more
trusting ourselves and more than ourselves

there is more than us
there is more than just us
there is more than us being just us
just us here
but not just us – there is more than us
– love and trust……

Only You and I Can Dream…

I will spend my insomnia dreaming of you
eyes opened to your breathing under the sheets
dark hallway shadows
dog stirring in opposite room

i will lay here on the pillow beside you
feel the slip of your skin
as you sleep on your side
dreaming of things only you can dream

in this room of grey with the blue curtains
holding the night at bay

i will lay on my back and stare at the ceiling
my hand gently touching your body
until my eyes give way
and my body flows into yours

where we dream of things…..

photographer and the model

on the swing facing the lake
grounded leaves
sweater hanging off elbow onto seat
hair between shoulder blades
breasts poking towards the still breeze
hand on rope
feet dirty and curled up
-that drifting feeling
waiting for the push that propels an
upside down sky

lines and sunlight and hurried matter

we are built of lines
and soft tissue
caught in charcoal
bouncing in quick succession
when fleeing or sweeping

same tissue matter
same molecular cohesion
fighting to keep the space

how well you keep the space in between

polly penrose portrays the deeper thought lost in evening garden

it is a wild jungle
she is reflected on the horse
through the window
of trailer vines
climbing the walls
and making
the greenhouse a home
her body
a ghostly reflection
of pure skin milk telling the vines
to leave her body
and climb the sky of
a near noon rain
it is a wild
jungle in her
shag carpeting and a portrait
of a rocking horse
taking her back before the
form mattered
only the mind and imagination
lost in the afternoon
after a lunch
after mother told her to stay
or preferably in the yard
it is a wild
it is a wild green room
her body
standing angular to the
sliding door
the back yard lost
to the evening
sun set
trapping her world
in a bungalow

Equal Understanding

her curves,
versus a tall straight
tree –
arm leaning
against the aged
beast of
nuzzled into
opposite arm
angles hand
her dimpled
as closed eyes
and listen
to the
radiocarbon rings
within the tall
telling her about
the years
before beauty
bone deep
but just
as vibrant –
life blood
running equally
and skyward

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