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Man and Woman will always War on the Body

what if it had been a pear instead
God forbid grapes to further the bibleline.
this lost in translation and puns
– a name is a name inside a name.

what if Adam was named David
Leonard singing another man
– soured wine for a wedding song’s funeral.

What if your hips were wider
evolution still catching up and the garden irrelevant.
this battle to wage war on words misunderstood
– Your Adam and My Eve still crying in the wilderness.

A pear instead: Confusion of the apple may be due to the similarity of the two words in the Latin translation of the Bible, known as the Vulgate. The word evil in the tree’s name in Latin is mali (Genesis 2:17). The word apple in other places is mala (Proverbs 25:11) or malum (Song of Solomon 2:3). It seems like this similarity may have led to the confusion. In the original Hebrew, the words are not even close.

Leonard singing another man: Leonard Cohens song ‘Hallelujah’ is about a love that has soured and gone stale. Cohen used a lot of religious imagery, including references to some of the more notorious women in the bible.
“You saw her bathing on the roof, her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you” – Bathsheba, who tempted the king to kill her husband so he could have her.

“She tied you to her kitchen chair, she broke your throne and she cut your hair” – Delilah, who cut off Sampson’s locks that held his superhuman strength.

What if your hips were wider: To the woman He said “I will sharply increase your pain in childbirth; in pain you will bring forth children.Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

Evolution still catching up: Scientists first began thinking about the problem of human childbirth in the middle of the 20th Century. They soon came up with an idea that seemed to explain what was going on. The trouble began, they said, with the earliest members of our evolutionary lineage – the hominins. To walk on two legs efficiently, the hominin skeleton had to be pushed and pulled into a new configuration, and that affected the pelvis.


Marisa Papen

Marisa swims between
ocean turtles
and plastic grocery bags

with a gorilla mask,

hangs from a tree –
stands at a
and waits to be arrested

sits outside Rome
and contemplates Eve,
then dives back with the fishermen…

…and sleeps
in the

Marisa hugs the homeless
jumps in the public fountain

Trident Man

would transform
into Momoa

through her
she is her own

building sand

then stands
adult –

using herself
as Lee Miller

speaking of war
to a
silent world
not re-cognizing
the march

of Nazism –

– she then becomes the next
evolution of
Bettie Page

continues forward
and words take


her body

readers taking pages
to dog ear

all while she fetches

Darleen Carr


Mowgli eyes

dreaming of

Marisa Papen: Is a Belgian model who uses her body to bring attention to controversial issues in society – many hinted at within this piece.

Momoa: Jason Momoa is an American actor. He is known for portraying Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe

Lee Miller: Was an American photographer and photojournalist. During WW2 Miller was the official war photographer for Vogue, documenting the Blitz. A photograph by Scherman of Miller in Hitler’s bathtub, with a shower hose looped in the center behind her head, recollecting a noose, taken at Adolf Hitler’s apartment in Munich has become iconic.

Bettie Page: Bettie Page, was an American model who gained a significant profile in the 1950s for her pin-up photos.Often referred to as the “Queen of Pinups”, her shoulder-length jet-black hair, blue eyes, and trademark fringe have influenced artists for generations.

Darleen Carr/ My Own Home/ Shanti/ Mowgli: Is an American actress, singer, and voice-over artist. My Own Home” is a song from the Walt Disney film, The Jungle Book, from 1967. The song was sung by Carr playing the part of “Shanti, the human girl”. The character Mowgli within the movie is lured back to his village from the forest by Shanti and her voice.


you came to me
i came to you
we took the lonely
broke our boredom
found the fear
wrote our names
left it all behind

and he here we are
don’t know if i’m surfing or

flying – high

but i am high – bound to you
in everything we do
two pair in one
hiking through

(being more)

even separate
we pull back to one
leading lives – growing up

growing in
to more

just do your thing
while i do mine
the circle will have us home tonight
then we can fly

be high

surfing the ocean sky
climbing the hills
leaving the forest behind

hands let go – hearts intwined
they lead us back in time

to fly
to fly

surf the
sky…… catch the tide..

if this is what we are arguing about i’d say we are in good shape

we have nothing in common
is that our commonality?

i hate Warhol!
he was boring and cliche

i hate Kerouac
he was talking about a fly!

it was a fucking banana on an album!

it was Velvet Underground asshole!

he made a soup can famous
and was given money to shoot the empire state building for 24 hours

your guy bummed his way across the States
and called it art

my guy was the voice of his generation

so was my guy

your guy was dismantled by Dali!

your guy was dismantled by a beer can!

honey –

honey i love you
i love you too but you’re inspired by people who are dead

Warhol is dead!
i like living people

wanna go to an art show?

can we listen to some downloads on the way there?
downloads about what?


News Report Update on Union Talks

the tulip factory is laying off workers
underground machinery has stalled
as well as talks.
the weatherman wasn’t much of a mediator
and now God and Mother nature are even farther apart in negotiations.
Critics says Spring may be cancelled altogether this year
and Summer tempratures will be ushered in to bring productions back up.
Until then
the snow will continue to fall and the grounds will stay frozen.
all bulbs waiting under the grass will have to wait for a resolution
before grooming the gardens
can begin.

Our Change – Getaway Ride

I love you (It’s a train)
I love you (It’s a train)
(I love you) We’re a train
(I love you) It’s a train

Separate days (Separate ways)
Separate nights (Separate sleeps)
(Separate things) (Sep-ar-ate)
Separate lives – separate waves

I love you (It’s a train)
I love you (It’s a train)
(I love you) We’re a train
(I love you) It’s a train

Come together (In our ways)
Come together (Some are days)
Come together (Central ways)
(Come together – Nights for days)

It’s a train It’s a train
It’s A Train-We’re A Train
Were A Train-It’s A Train
I love you (babe) Steady Train

(d) not (-)

you asked me if i love you
i said ‘permit me 50 more years
i can’t quit you’

sat down in the living room
had a coffee in the morning cool

i asked if you love me
you said ‘say the 2 words
i love to hear’

poured a second cup
and the candles warmed the room

. . .

the turn table is skipping now
this record has proved its years
so i wash her record gently
the needle can keep us both moving

we took the couch together
and Saturday was too young to decipher

‘baby are we still in love with each other’
because i think this is something better
the college internship is completed
and its the roots that prove our foundation

the record can’t turn itself over
and we stand up together


‘where will side B take us’
lover i’ve never worried –
all the cares and worries in the world
they just interfere with the song……………….

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