Your You

your fading on the couch
the you of you
dark building inside a house
the home
no lights but the fade

radio playing
record player
vinyl spinner

strangeness of the evening

you are the stranger in your own- ness

2 songs on one side

and you fade
the you of you
where the couch is empty

if only – the sadness



E minor steady
on the runway strip – taxi myself to your love

cliche i know
military talk and shop

but the E minor warping on a full moon back deck
pool lights

listening to work take off in the distance
speaking to the sky


we don’t ned to say anything else…..


in the night……


Cndn content
ONT. content
lOcAl content


Amricn greetings
USA soldier back to surprise
rEd/ White/ bLue

here’s a thought…..
read what’s ours

– understand how a BILL is made

– greet the tarmac in your own backyard

…..but we don’t brag

and in the end

the good stuff gets


More than these

You are
the rings in a tree
the spatial reality of time

You are
a bird blurring the sky
escaping the ocean
breathing as
a fish

You are
pink clay in digital kodak
finding God after the brain
shuts down

You are
more than an experiment
beyond the flash
in span of a moment
captured and


* pink clay: inspired by the photography of New York–based photographer Shinichi Maruyama who has a knack for capturing motion on film

* finding God/more than an experiment: inspired by converstaions/arguments regarding Michael Persingerr a professor of psychology at Laurentian University. He has argued that all phenomena including consciousness, spiritual experiences, and “paranormal events” can be explained by universal physical mechanisms and can be verified using the scientific method.

Persinger is the co-creator of the God Helmet which studies creativity, religious experience and the effects of subtle stimulation of the temporal lobes. Persinger reports that many subjects have reported “mystical experiences and altered states”while wearing the God Helmet. The foundations of his theory have been criticized in the scientific press.

40 seconds to AIR

we got local and provincial – even NATIONAL
politics and politicians you could rip into to help rebuild

from the CONservatives
to the libTARDS
or even the car lot saluting a dead man on the C.N Tower
for the NdP – a man who had to be kcked out of public housing
while running the show…..

but don’t get me started.

right wing – left wing
centre forwards on skates who
post as journalists – far reaching articles on abortions
when the truth is about deportation

decent helpful mayors
high on crack opening others – skeleton closets
even a former prime MINISTER shutting down prisons for
his money backing cronies.

but JOHN….don’t get me started

crystal balls and fortune telling accusations
v.s understanding a board system.
downtown shopping without downtown parking
female doctors who can’t break the manPOWER code
better equipped to serve We the PEOPLE

and Mr. Pie……

rather than standing up and fighting the VOTE
talk about the corruption of current govt
rather than admitting the govt trying to get through the gates
was just as dirty beforehand
making promises to get back in
that no one would vote for

but Johnnie



don’t get me started…….

* Jonathan Pie: Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter, created and played by British actor and comedian Tom Walker. Pie appears in a series of video clips where he rants about the state of politics in the United Kingdom, presented as if he is a real reporter speaking his personal opinions to camera before or after filming a regular news segment.

the great beyond

don’t you know
i was there before you were
and when you’re gone i’ll still be here
it’s only time and physical

you say you search for my face
but it’s born in you
was born in her
i am always round and always near

time is earth its physical
but it’s neither time or the spinning sound
all but moments before we’re home
and before you’re home
after your return

i’ll still be here
it’s everywhere
the face you seek is your own
because it’s mine from dust to seed
not in us or in one command

don’t you know?

whether you need or not
deny or grasp
i was there before you were
and when you’re gone i’ll still be here
such a short short time
for a longer life
it’s physical when you’re no longer


In Origins We Spin

she’s a native woman
in all of us but to which land?
(the one you call yours)
telling everyone else ‘leave’
or the lost forgotten – unless it bleeds.
bring in the cameras
rediscover where man first laid down footprints
bang out a photo
die for nothing different -or- retrace some steps
find her eyes 30 years later
Afghan OLD

* in all of us: regarding the re-drafted Canadian Anthem lyrics

* bang out a photo : regarding a group of famous photographers known as the Bang Bang Club

*find her eyes: regarding the famous photo known as the Afghan Woman

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