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i am the goldfinch
safe behind your eyes
i take refuge in your hair
and though it is matted with blood
i know – no harm can come to me.
i understand that in you comes not only safety
but my refuge – and my heart sings.
what can this small creature do to repay you?
let me fly about you – wash and
clean out your wounds – guard you
as you protect me with infinite passion.

– no one and nothing shall harm you while you
sleep the three days needed.

i am the goldfinch
who knows his master
whom waits in the palm of your punctured hand
trusting time …
remembering that as a man
you are the same child that kept me safe
even when …
and now hiding once more in the protection
of these thicket thorns
i sing out a song of adoration
knowing love
will heal all your wounds …

* the goldfinch turns up in renaissance/religious paintings almost always in the hands of the infant Jesus. The goldfinch known to nest in thorny plants alludes symbolically to the crown of thorns around the head of Jesus. The goldfinch has become the symbol of passion.


Tom Wilson II

we met him
sturdy hand
beautiful paintings
was in there
-now let’s go home

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