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Belly Ring Coffee

the flower is at her hand
the window is reflecting a glint
– a belly ring thru morning sunlight.
she is looking out at the bridge
listening to the bath tub – fill
she stares
wondering about time.

it’s time for coffee
time for the early edition
time to slide into the porcelain bed.

the flowers continue to reach from the pot
and her hand comforts them.
her fingers click the latch
the window slides down and cuts off the Fall air.

she leaves the window
as the coffee maker clicks
faucets are turned left
and the paper slides under the door.

the flowers twist back into position
and the bridge continues with morning traffic.
a small spoon dings inside a stirring cup

a small ripple is heard.


Hear the Words from Such Fictional Names Like: Moore and CrazyIrishman…..

SHE and HER beyond the physical . . . . 5

if she were a forest
all the trees would fall
the sun would want her
the earth would ask for her roots
and the rain would wish to fall whenever


if she were an art gallery
paintings would leave their frames
to study her
statues would come to life in the hopes
for a dance
security would leave the lights on
for her comfort


if her name were Eve
we would all still be in the garden
God would not know of wrath
but i would be jealous of


if her breasts were a desert
peacocks would fan their
feathers to keep her
a river bed would follow the
maze around her areolas
and bring water back to
the sands


if she realized her beauty
she would be like a great horse
realizing it’s strength
and man’s dominance

SHE and HER beyond the physical 10

haikus were born from her body
lines that started from the soles of her feet

she has all she needs to make herself beautiful
(including procrastination)

she is the riverbed in a drought
the sun makes her water sparkle

she is the flower on the sea of poppies
more real than the representation of death, who he will fight for

her bath is a drawing of thin lines
asking him to pencil her in

when she is cast alone in the raft
he know its his waters that must bring her home

before the wine hits her lips
he gives a toast to her beauty, and will never stop doing so

he will not allow the world to rush past her window
she will see it all, and they’ll live it together

when the night slips below her waist
he will turn the lights off, and turn them back on to witness it all

when she asks him to, he will give her a reason for a cigarette after
when he asks her, she will return the favour

Truth of Life

Love is sexy
and a woman
is beautiful
when she loves you

You finally matter
so does she
you’re a handsome
when you love

I am a sexy man
my woman is beautiful
she makes me handsome
we matter to
each other

sax a phone

i stood up and picked up the
sax a phone
i’ve never ever played it and
here i am picking it up
we’re in a pub
and you ask
‘what the hell are you doing’
and i simply respond,
‘i’m picking up a
sax a phone’

i’m on stage and infront of the music stand
i’ve clipped the microphone to where the
music comes out
the curved trunk of the golden tree
the magic elephant
and i see you
hiding your face

and then i play

i play a love song

and it comes out perfect

because when i do something for you

i always want it to be


i put the sax a phone
back in the
sax a phone holder
i leave the stage
the crowd clapping
i pass the guy who i guess
plays the
sax a phone
he gives me a dirty look
i shouldn’t have played his
but i don’t care

i aim my body towards yours
you with your hands out and away from
your face
the embarrassment turned into exhilaration
you loved my song to you

my love song

on a sax a phone


for you

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