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On the VIA

I bend my mind towards you
a vision in allure and blue notes
i push a vortex into context
and bicep a thought of loveliness

i trickle a stream fantastically
knowing i follow my own river
leading to you

i growl out heavenly words
search the forest with rock n roll
and find you under a shade tree
beside a country home

We race outwards to
a hooing sound
a ticking-track vibration
and jump a train to rush the distance
and collapse time

you sit beside the window
i catch your reflected blue eyes
looking farther past into Ontario hue
and know i am almost home


Montreal Hotel

we’re planted on the street of René Lévesque
his Rue as it is known on the lips of the french
and we drop bags on the bed and we clean up

we change out

we drop hotel towels on the floor
we tear open sugar packs for coffee
this the first night and i wonder by the second day
after the maid has replenished all the towels and

sugar packets

does she notice the habits of temporary lodgers?
do we use less towels on the second day or use more
or even the same, does that say something?

i clear open the drapes
see the top of french china town
all the roofs of red canopy tigers
the St Lawrence trying to tunnel her way
past the highway and Notre-Dame
Basilica reaching above all the old british rule
standing about the Parisian touch of a once
Iroquois nation.

i have bought beer
loving the notion of corner stores
selling it in brown paper bags
and i rest the brown pop on the air conditioner
i hold an empty ice box cursing the broken down ice machine
and i contemplate a 30 dollar bottle of Chateau Lafitte-Tramier
while it sits beside a bouquet of yellow daisies and one red rose

i have officially made my presence known in old Montreal

on her cobblestone and uphill boutiques
where the women are in shape
the tourists are mixing with the chinese
and i am in my underwear wondering about
the maid and what my habits say about day number

(piano I)

i write your name in
the dust
but i’ve lost the sheets
the paper strength

my heart feels for
ivory vibrations
little liqueur glasses
after dinner talk
and rushing out
the door…
the room is 3 years silent
i stand a character
at the series end of a
great TV show looking back
on it all
– i grin
lift up the lid
and brush the keys teeth
realize the memories
don’t bite but the
past is the past
and life is backed up
on the sidewalks

life was good
timing is right
it neither slows
nor rushes
4 on 4
3 to the 4
or quarter to the supper hour
your name will be rewritten
i will dance on all
the sounds
waiting on you
old man with two hands
brushing down, waving
away at old father time

-old man waving hello at me…..

(Piano III)

my arms are strong
your lungs can call
my heart will answer
my feet will carry you
you can cross all lines
I will redraw them after
my eyes will see you
you could never hide
and i’m not counting
my words are your song
your whispers my lyrics
our lips have already answered

the Sunny moon

Good morning
you are my love

under covers
sunny coffee

Good afternoon
you are my love

at lunch time
at the mid day run

Good evening
you are my love

during this slowing down time
and couch stretched legs

Good night Good night
you are my love

under covers
moon lit stars

You are my Love

Being Adults

She says a prayer
wears a paper crown
He blows out candles
amazed by his high chair strength

The moment is brief
quicker than a memory
or the face of a long
forgotten loved one

Dishes are washed
the backyard is tore
with laughter
lawn chairs cry out
for shade

The energy is brief
shorter than the day
and the day is over so quickly

the work is steady

the worry is steady

fear comes in waves

The waves remind you
of water
cedar docks
about the get a way
the fish, the hooks
casting waves of
worry from the chest

the moment
the energy
the fuss

are left on shore

Jesus sits in the boat
getting time alone with you
stepping away for the crowd
as well

You switch sides in
the cast
the sun switches over
for the evening

Age is supposed to make you wise
life smoothing down the edges
time is supposed to be precious
and Jesus frowns a little…..


loving all us silly children

The City Sounds Are Gone

tightened strings
guitar wedding rings
piano sounds
all surround
birds in call
push mower sounds
apartment hall



Jack Hammer

-wait for it-

Now Sit Down

choose a song
push the chord
the sound you frown
open window
your kiss is

The Keys

The Keys

The keys

-wait for it-

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